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Plumbing (PLMB)

This is a list of the Plumbing (PLMB) courses available at KPU.

PLMB 1101 CR-2

Safety in the Workplace

Students will address safe work practices and how they pertain to construction work sites. They will examine the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation and Guidelines of WorkSafe BC applicable to the plumbing trade. Students will be able to demonstrate and use general safe work practices and procedures when using tools and equipment, practice the safe handling and storage methods for materials and equipment. They will receive basic St. John's First Aid, Hilti Powder Actuated Tool, Ipex Gluing and Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) certificates.

PLMB 1105 CR-6

Organization of Work

Students will use mathematics and science to solve problems in the plumbing trades. They will interpret engineering drawings and sketches and will make decisions pertaining to the installation, positioning, and/or maintenance of piping and fixtures currently used in the plumbing trade. Students will use codes and standards in the application of shop projects, as well as describe and use manufacturer and supplier documentation encountered in the plumbing trade.

PLMB 1110 CR-4

Prepare and Assemble Plumbing Components

Students will describe piping and tubing materials used in the plumbing trade. They will join piping, for example: plastic, copper, and carbon steel. Students will describe, select, and install valves used in the plumbing trade. They will describe fittings and connection methods, select, and install fittings. Students will be able to use acceptable methods of structure penetration.

PLMB 1121 CR-5

Tools and Equipment

Students will develop basic skills to identify, select, inspect, use, and maintain hand tools and stationary, as well as portable power tools, appropriate to plumbing processes. They will complete shop projects that involve bench work to practice hand skills using a variety of industry related tools. Students will develop skills involving soldering and rigging equipment along with but not limited to ladders, knots and platforms.

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