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Entrepreneurial Leadership (ENTR)

This is a list of the Entrepreneurial Leadership (ENTR) courses available at KPU.

ENTR 3000 CR-3 (Formerly ENTR 3500 )

Advanced Professional Business Communications

Students will study theories and principles for writing correspondence including electronic proposals, business plans, executive summaries and other research reports, including a collaborative report. They will complete written and oral communication assignments that emphasize interpersonal, team-building and leadership skills.

ENTR 3110 CR-3

Advanced Organizational Behaviour

Students will complete a diagnosis of an organizational setting for the purposes of: managing change, improving performance and increasing organizational effectiveness. Students will use their diagnosis to develop a portfolio that will include: activity management, personal management, conflict and stress management, values, attitudes, group dynamics, leadership and team development, corporate politics and business negotiations.

Prerequisites: Registration in this course is restricted to students who have been accepted into the Bachelor of Business Administration Program. Exceptions must be approved by the Dean.

ENTR 3120 CR-3

Managerial Accounting for Entrepreneurs

Students will learn managerial accounting tools to help make decisions in a business environment. Students will review and analyze managerial accounting practices of different industries. Students will study topics which include relevant costs and revenues, budget development and analysis, capital budgeting and performance measurement tools. Students will apply concepts learned by using cases and applied exercises.

ENTR 3130 CR-3

Production and Operations Management

Students will learn and practice the strategic approaches and implementation tools used in the field of production and operations management. They will be exposed to leading practices employed by entrepreneurs and managers particularly in small and medium-sized enterprises in Canada. Students will apply these approaches and tools to solve problems through exercises, case analyses, and a term project involving direct or simulated work with real-world organizations.

ENTR 3140 CR-3

Entrepreneurial Marketing

Students will learn to address complex marketing problems that need to be addressed with limited resources and recognition of the financial, operational, and HR consequences of the chosen strategy. Students will develop their problem solving, decision-making and planning skills through case analyses and applied exercises. They will also complete a marketing project for a local small business or community organization. Students will be required to undertake both individual and group work, drawing from the full range of business courses taken thus far.

ENTR 3150 CR-3

Business Economics

Students will learn and apply economic concepts that directly relate to decisions made in small and medium-sized businesses. They will develop broad analytical skills useful for entrepreneurial decision-making.

ENTR 3160 CR-3

Information Technology for Business

Students will learn and practice how Information Technology (IT) can assist decision makers in business to be more efficient and effective. They will also learn and practise how to plan, analyze, develop, implement, use and manage information and systems that support the business process from a strategic and competitive advantage perspective.

ENTR 3170 CR-3

Entrepreneurial Finance

Students will learn current financial management theories along with the technical skills necessary to maximize the economic value of the firm for its shareholders. Using the case-study method, students will learn how to identify, define and resolve the issues faced by financial managers in small and medium-sized companies.

ENTR 4105 CR-3

Corporate Communications and Investor Relations

Students will study the policies and procedures that inform, govern, and regulate corporate communications and investor relations within Canada's equity markets with an emphasis on junior companies trading on the TSX and TSX-Venture exchanges. They will complete written and oral assignments that will help prepare them for employment opportunities in public companies. Students will gain a thorough understanding of disclosure requirements, mandated corporate communications, and investor-relations strategies.

Prerequisites: Acceptance into the Bachelor of Business Administration Program

ENTR 4110 CR-3

Business Leadership

Students will study the business leadership process as well as applied and practical leadership techniques. They will develop and practice leadership skills through self-assessment exercises, role-playing simulations and other 'hands-on' experience. Students will study other topics such as leadership in entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial settings, small- to medium-size business culture, effective team leadership and self-leadership.

Prerequisites: (ENTR 3000 or ENTR 3500) and (ENTR 3110 or HRMT 3115)

Transferable (refer to transfer guide )

ENTR 4120 CR-3

Human Resource Management

Students will acquire an in depth understanding of the human resource (HR) management needed to enable an organization to face changes and challenges. Students will engage in research, present key findings and engage in best practice dialogues around a variety of key human resource management concepts, including legal and diversity issues, employee acquisition and deployment, performance management, career development, employee compensation and rewards, employee communications and discipline, union- management relations, occupational health and safety, and international human resource management.

Prerequisites: ENTR 3110

ENTR 4140 CR-3

Entrepreneurial Sales and Customer Service

Students will be introduced to the basic selling process, make formalized sales presentations and learn and practice effective customer service with emphasis placed on understanding loyalty, total quality management (TQM), benchmarking, internal customers and communications.

Prerequisites: ENTR 3140

ENTR 4200 CR-3

Business Strategy

Students will focus on the conceptual and practical aspects of strategic decision making in business. They will learn how to formulate strategies, evaluate strategic alternatives using financial and non financial criteria, implement strategies and manage strategic change in organizations through a series of case analyses, business exercises and current examples from industry.

Prerequisites: ENTR 3130 and ENTR 3140 and (either ENTR 3170 or ACCT 2380 or ACCT 3380)

ENTR 4250 CR-6

Entrepreneurial Leadership Practicum

Students will manage, design, prepare and present a comprehensive project that will meet the requirements of a client organization. They will develop and complete a significant project in partnership with businesses or as part of developing an entrepreneurial endeavour. Students will gain the opportunity to practice the integration of business skills and concepts.

Prerequisites: 27 ENTR credits, including ENTR 4200

ENTR 4300 CR-3

Entrepreneurial Management for Service Companies

Students will analyze and gain insight into a variety of service industry sectors such as the tourism and sports and entertainment industries. They will design and implement a plan for the marketing of services and service companies through the use of cases, industry projects and applied assignments. Students will acquire a practical and strategic understanding of how the marketing of services and service companies differs from that of product marketing.

Prerequisites: ENTR 3140

ENTR 4848 CR-3

Global Marketing Strategies

Students will explore various marketing strategies and activities that enable corporations to be competitive in the global economy and market. Areas of emphasis include segmentation, market analysis, international advertising and promotion, personal selling and personnel management, pricing, distribution systems, export trade mechanics and logistics, financial requirements for international marketing, and coordinating and controlling global operations.

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