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Marketing (MRKT)

This is a list of the Marketing (MRKT) courses available at KPU.

MRKT 1199 CR-3

Introduction to Marketing

Students will learn the fundamentals of marketing and explore the relationships between companies, their customers and their competition. They will examine concepts that are integral to the field of marketing including marketing environment, customer behaviour, marketing research, product analysis, distribution, pricing strategies and promotion. They apply these concepts in solving marketing problems.

Transferable (refer to transfer guide )

MRKT 1220 CR-3

Dynamic Selling

In this course, students make an intensive study of the theory and practice of personal selling, during which they will practice their selling skills on local companies. The course also briefly examines the main aspects of the sales management function.

MRKT 1299 CR-3

Consumer Behaviour

Students will explore buyer behaviour and motivation using key theories from various social sciences (including Anthropology, Sociology and Psychology) and apply these theories in contemporary marketing situations.

Prerequisites: MRKT 1199

Transferable (refer to transfer guide )

MRKT 2111 CR-3

Introduction to e-marketing

Students will learn the techniques and principles of e-marketing in the rapidly changing Internet environment. Students will study and evaluate various business models employing e-marketing strategies with a range of outcomes. Students will learn about fundamental business and marketing concepts, consumer behaviour, strategic objective setting, channel structures and examine such roles in the Internet environment.

Prerequisites: MRKT1199

Not Transferable

MRKT 2235 CR-3

Small Business Entrepreneurship

Students will learn the fundamentals of small business ownership in a Canadian context and learn to make decisions on entrepreneurship. They will also learn the elements needed to identify and develop successful business ideas, and apply these to the business planning process in an entrepreneurial environment.

Prerequisites: MRKT 1199 and (ACCT 1110 or ACCT 1210 or ACCT 2293)

Not Transferable

MRKT 2321 CR-3

Retail Management

Students will be introduced to both theoretical knowledge and practical skills in a variety of retail business models. They will learn consumer behavior, store design and layout, merchandise planning, services marketing, retail pricing strategy, advertising and selling.

Prerequisites: MRKT 1199

Not Transferable

MRKT 2333 CR-3

Marketing Management I

Students will learn to combine fundamental marketing concepts with proven organizational management practices. Students will focus particular attention on the planning process, innovation and product development, and managerial control.

Prerequisites: MRKT 1299 and (ACCT 1230 or MATH 1115 or PSYC 2300)

Transferable (refer to transfer guide )

MRKT 2340 CR-3

Marketing Research

Students will learn the theory and practice of marketing research as an aid to management decision-making. They will work on a "real-life" research project.

Prerequisites: MRKT 1199 and (ACCT 1230 or BUQU 1230 or MATH 2341 or PSYC 2300 or SOCI 2365 or CRIM 2103)

Not Transferable

MRKT 2360 CR-3

Selling and Sales Management

Students will learn the theory and skills of professional selling and demonstrate these skills through completion of a practical selling project. Students will study basic selling processes, including prospecting, needs analysis, and formal sales presentations. Students will undertake a real life sales project that will require them to meet activity and sales targets. Students will begin this course with the theory and skills of professional selling, preparing them to complete a practical selling project. Students will also examine the sales management function in depth.

Prerequisites: MRKT 1199

Transferable (refer to transfer guide )

MRKT 2401 CR-3

Introduction to Integrated Marketing Communications - Advertising

Students will work in creative teams to develop and present a comprehensive marketing communications proposal for a domestic marketing organization. They will thoroughly review of the field of contemporary advertising and promotion in Canada throughout the course. Students will closely examine the evolving theory and practice of developing an overall communications program as well as the client/agency relationship. Students will emerge from this course with the skills to expand their comprehension of Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) in subsequent courses.

Prerequisites: MRKT 1199

Not Transferable

MRKT 2421 CR-3

Retail Buying and Merchandise Management

Students will learn both theoretical and practical skills in retail merchandise management and retail buying. Students will examine evolving retail and societal trends and understand the impact of those trends on the retail and merchandise management strategies.

Prerequisites: MRKT 1199

Not Transferable

MRKT 2444 CR-3

Marketing Management II

Students will apply marketing principles and methods from previous courses in the preparation of a detailed professional marketing plan for a real client. Students will develop and present their detailed marketing plan with strong emphasis placed on demonstration of analytical, critical thinking and research skills as well as a solid application of marketing. Students will work independently in the field and one-on–one with the instructor for much of the semester.

Prerequisites: MRKT 2333 and MRKT 2340

Transferable (refer to transfer guide )

MRKT 2455 CR-3

International Marketing

Students will focus on the export needs of a local small to medium sized enterprise (SME), and on how its current product line can be marketed abroad. They will investigate how marketers must adapt to foreign environments and adeptly resolve conflicts between political, cultural and legal forces in order to be successful.

Prerequisites: MRKT 1199

Transferable (refer to transfer guide )

MRKT 3211 CR-3

Managing the Communication Process

Students will learn the essential project management skills associated with strategic planning, briefing creative services, and delivering creative projects through a variety of traditional and modern marketing media. They will learn how key messages and graphic standards are delivered effectively and consistently to achieve marketing objectives.

MRKT 3240 CR-3

Marketing Information Management

Students will learn to collect, analyze and interpret data available from a variety of sources, internal and external to the organization, to uncover the marketing insights that will provide competitive advantage for an organization. Students will use contemporary data tools and emerging information technologies of marketing information management.

Prerequisites: ENTR 3140 Entrepreneurial Marketing          (ENTR 3120 Managerial Accounting is highly recommended)

Not Transferable

MRKT 3311 CR-3

Marketing in a Digital World

Students will learn the key business and technological elements of digital marketing explained through theory and business case analysis. Students will become familiar with a variety of online marketing tools (new media) that support the online marketing functions that help drive traffic to a website, improve conversion rates, and achieve overall marketing objectives.

MRKT 4160 CR-3

Business Development

Students will learn to manage and direct the sales function to achieve organizational goals. They will develop consultative selling skills through study of key account management, group negotiations, and the preparation of proposals and quotations. Students will study leadership and managing a sales force, sales channels and the importance of strategic alliances which will prepare students to assume sales leadership roles in the organization.

MRKT 4177 CR-3

Contemporary Issues in Marketing

Students will analyze and gain insight into significant contemporary marketing issues such as globalization and cross-cultural marketing, online marketing and e-commerce, modern corporate culture, outsourcing and marketing and business ethics. Students will interact with guest speakers, plan and lead seminar discussions, research and analyze contemporary marketing strategies and theories, and produce and present a comprehensive research project.

Prerequisites: 60 credits at the 1100 or higher level including ENGL 1100 and MRKT 1199

MRKT 4201 CR-3

Integrated Marketing Communication

Students will learn the fundamentals of market segmentation, positioning and targeting while acquiring skills in the alignment of all aspects of an organization's communication, covering a complete range of target audiences, to create a coherent integrated communication program. They will manage the organization's brand identity and communication with consumers, media, governments, employees, shareholders and community groups. Students will learn how to use a comprehensive variety of communication options in order to maximize return-on-marketing investment.

Prerequisites: MRKT 3211 and MRKT 3311

MRKT 4330 CR-6

Bachelor Business Administration in Marketing - Practicum

Students will apply marketing theory to undertake a major marketing analysis and develop a detailed marketing plan for an operational client/organization. They will practice the integration of marketing and business concepts learned throughout the degree; manage, design, prepare and present a comprehensive project that will meet the requirements of the operational organization. Students will develop and complete substantial primary research, that includes the design, implementation, and analysis of the client's marketing issue. They will develop a marketing plan that will be fully costed with all numbers justified. Students will provide recommendations that will have metrics attached to it so the operational organization/client can measure the success or failure of the activity undertaken.

Student teams will develop, launch and manage an online business or participate in a competitive marketing business simulation program. The teams will make decisions and be held accountable for them through achievement of specified measurable Web Analytics, profit and loss results and other metrics in a competitive team environment.

Prerequisites: ENTR 3000 and ENTR 3110 and ENTR 3120 and ENTR 3130 and ENTR 3140 and ENTR 3150 (or ECON 3150 or ECON 2350) and ENTR 4110 and MRKT 3240 and MRKT 4160 and MRKT 4201

Co-requisites: MRKT 4177

Not Transferable

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