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Electrical (ELEC)

This is a list of the Electrical (ELEC) courses available at KPU.

ELEC 1100 CR-2

Basic Skills

Students will study effective learning and job search techniques. They will problem-solve using mathematics and apply science concepts appropriate to the electrical trade.

ELEC 1110 CR-1

Workplace Safety

Students will be exposed to and learn the application of safe work practices, WorkSafe BC Standards and Regulations, lockout and confined space procedures. They will learn practical components of rigging, scaffolding, and ladders. Students will also receive certificates in Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS), Powder Actuated Tools, and Basic First Aid.

ELEC 1120 CR-5

Basic Electrical Theory

Students will be introduced to the nature and principles of electricity, the operation of electrical devices and the operation of testing / metering equipment. They will focus on the analysis and problem solving of Direct Current (DC) circuits. Students will learn the basic principles of magnetism.

ELEC 1130 CR-1

Code and Blueprint Reading

Students will be introduced to the history and importance of the Canadian Electrical Code (CEC). They will learn the CEC and other related regulatory standards. Students will be introduced to the use of construction drawings, manufacturer's specifications, and job and material planning.

ELEC 1140 CR-1

Electrical Controls

Students will learn the basics of simple motor controls circuits. They will cover the means of monitoring the processes being controlled. Students will learn the safety procedures and operating principles of manual and magnetic motor starters and control circuits.

ELEC 1150 CR-10

Installation of Low-Voltage Distribution Systems

Students will use shop projects and hands-on activities to reinforce electrical theory and electrical code knowledge. They will receive practical training for the job-site. Students will learn the importance of workplace safety.

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