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Public Relations (PRLN)

This is a list of the Public Relations (PRLN) courses available at KPU.

PRLN 1120 CR-3

PR Writing Fundamentals

Students will develop proficiency in public relations writing skills. They will study the principles of public relations writing to help achieve corporate objectives through professional communication on behalf of an organization. Students will study the role of research, objectives, audiences, and channels in public relations writing as well as how to persuade and frame an argument, conduct audience analysis and use Canadian Press Style. They will gain practical experience in writing and designing a corporate newsletter.

Co-requisites: PRLN 1140, PRLN 1141

PRLN 1140 CR-3

Digital Applications for Print Media

Students will learn a variety of computer applications for the production of print-ready communications. They will develop the skills and knowledge needed to generate effective print materials used in the public relations field. Students will work with various Windows-based programs such as MS Office and Adobe Creative Suite to design and print a variety of professional materials.

Co-requisites: PRLN 1141

PRLN 1141 CR-3

Visual Design

Students will study basic design elements and principles involved in creating effective page layout. They will learn about the history and anatomy of typography and how to make good font choices. Students will learn how to critically evaluate and solve design problems using the terminology of design and print production.

PRLN 1150 CR-3

Introduction to Public Relations

Students will learn about public relations including the related activities of public affairs and publicity. They will learn how to formulate communication plans and determine strategic tactics, objectives, target audiences and key messages.

PRLN 1210 CR-3

Media Relations

Students will learn the structure and organization of traditional, electronic, digital & social media and examine the characteristics, benefits, strengths and weaknesses of each media type for specific public relations goals. Students will learn how to work effectively with all types of media and to develop strategies to effectively represent an organization and gain positive unpaid (earned) media coverage. They will create a media list from an actual professional media database, pitch a story idea and respond to media questions in a simulated environment.

Prerequisites: PRLN 1150

Co-requisites: PRLN 1220

PRLN 1220 CR-3

Writing for Media Relations

Students will develop proficiency in the writing of materials in support of media relations activities. They will write news releases, media advisories, backgrounders, profiles and other components of a media kit for both traditional and social media usage. Students will learn to use Canadian Press Style to write engaging and effective approaches aimed at media gatekeepers such as desk editors, producers and bloggers in order to achieve positive unpaid media coverage and publicity for organizations and clients.

Prerequisites: PRLN 1120

Co-requisites: PRLN 1210

PRLN 1230 CR-1.5

Public Relations Research

Students will learn qualitative and quantitative research methods and measurement tools as applied to the professional practice of public relations. They will learn various research methods including sampling and survey methods, focus group research, content analysis, and online research. Students will analyze and evaluate applied and academic research studies and will complete a research project.

Prerequisites: PRLN 1150

Not Transferable

PRLN 1236 CR-3 (Formerly PRLN 2336 )

Visual Presentations

Students will gain practical experience in the planning, design, production and delivery of aspects of multimedia presentations used in the field of public relations. They will study multimedia design theories and apply specific principles to such digital formats as photographs, video, and electronic slides to convey creative ideas and express information effectively. They will learn how to design and produce handouts and/or information packages that reflect repeating elements, both in content and design, used in visual presentations. Students will learn how to critically evaluate the design and application of each of the presentational formats used and how to critique the overall delivery of information.

Prerequisites: PRLN 1141, PRLN 1140

Not Transferable

PRLN 1240 CR-1.5

Computer Skills II

Students will learn to use software applications for word processing, design page layout, database management, and developing public relations collateral material. They will study and practice the skills needed to create a Web site. The student will use various software such as PowerPoint, Maximizer, Illustrator and Dreamweaver.

Prerequisites: JRNL 1141 and (PRLN 1140 or 1142)

Co-requisites: PRLN 1210 and 1236

PRLN 1250 CR-3

Digital Applications for Electronic Media

Students will explore the planning, development, production and communication of electronic media content. Students will be introduced to tools and techniques used in the production and authoring of graphics, text, photography, video and sound to design, edit and produce digital and electronic communications used in public relations, marketing and corporate communications.

Prerequisites: PRLN 1140 and PRLN 1141

PRLN 2310 CR-3

Issues Management & Crisis Response

Students will learn the theory and practice of reputation management for an organization. They will explore how professional communicators handle issues identification, crisis management and stakeholder analysis on behalf of an organization. They will learn how to evaluate communication risks; conduct stakeholder analyses; and prepare plans and strategies to manage communication around issues and crises for both internal and external stakeholders. Students will also focus on managing media relations during a crisis, with special emphasis on the role of the key spokesperson for the organization.

Prerequisites: PRLN 1150, PRLN 1210

Not Transferable

PRLN 2320 CR-3

Promotional Writing & Design

Students will learn to plan, budget, write, design and produce printed corporate communications products such as posters, information sheets, flyers, advertorials and fundraising profiles. They will produce polished, audience-directed, professional print communications projects that assist an organization to convey information about corporate goals and programs and build customer, community and public support.

Prerequisites: PRLN 1140 , PRLN 1250, PRLN 1141

PRLN 2331 CR-1.5

Event Planning and Sponsorship

Students will learn the planning process required to stage a special event, including the research to determine the best type of event for a non-profit client. They will conduct meetings with clients to determine venue, theme, activities and timing. Students will learn to use specific software planning templates for logistics, sponsorship, promotion & marketing, on-site coordination and event accounting. The event will be staged in the subsequent semester.

Prerequisites: PRLN 1150 and 1210

PRLN 2332 CR-3

Event Planning & Sponsorship

Students will learn the basics of raising charitable donations for a nonprofit organization, with emphasis on special event fundraising, media coverage and volunteer recognition. Students will plan a fundraising event for a nonprofit whereby they conduct meetings with representatives of the organization to determine venue, theme, activities and timing. They will plan the creative and production aspects of the event, which will be implemented in PRLN 2432 Event Production & Management in the spring term.

Prerequisites: PRLN 1150, PRLN 1210

PRLN 2338 CR-3

Advanced Visual Design

Students will build upon their knowledge of visual design and refine their ability to apply advanced typography and page layout principles to class projects. Students will further develop analytical skills to produce and evaluate effective design strategies and demonstrate the importance of design thinking to business success. Students will identify current areas of strength and prepare and maintain a print portfolio of their best design work.

Prerequisites: PRLN 1140, PRLN 1141, PRLN 1236, PRLN 1250

Not Transferable

PRLN 2340 CR-1.5

Computer Skills III

Students will learn advanced software for word processing, design and page layout, database management, and for producing public relations collateral materials. They will update and manage a website and develop a personal identity package.

Prerequisites: PRLN 1140 and 1240

PRLN 2345 CR-3

Introduction to Fundraising & Development

Students will examine the basics of fundraising and development for non-profit organizations, foundations and charities. They will examine the principles and strategic issues in fundraising; the role of the development officer; and the nature of fundraising campaigns. Students will develop an understanding of annual, capital and special project fundraising as well as how to work effectively with non-profit volunteer boards.

Prerequisites: 30 credits of 1100-level or higher

PRLN 2350 CR-3

Publicity & Promotion

Students will explore the tools, techniques, methodologies and best practices of planning publicity and promotional campaigns for a wide variety of organizations including profit and non-profit organizations. They will learn to incorporate both paid and unpaid media into a publicity plan; to keep the budget to a minimum; and to build the plan so that it can be integrated with, and evaluated against, overall organizational public relations and communications objectives.

Prerequisites: PRLN 1150

Not Transferable

PRLN 2431 CR-1.5

Event Production and Management

Students will learn to work as a team, organize, and manage a special event for a non-profit organization determined in the previous semester. They will learn about client coordination, promotion and media relations, fundraising, logistical management (such as location, catering, speakers, resources, ticket sales and collaterals), management of budgeting, accounting, and reconciliation, management of risk assessment, legal and contract details, overall project management, evaluation of the event and client debrief.

PRLN 2432 CR-3

Event Production & Management

Students will work with a client and implement the client-approved event proposal. They will learn to work as a team to organize, publicize, stage and manage a special event for a non-profit organization planned in a previous semester in PRLN 2332 Event Planning and Sponsorship.

Prerequisites: PRLN 2332

Not Transferable

PRLN 2441 CR-3 (Formerly PRLN 1241 )

Organizational Communications

Students will learn the techniques and strategies for creating and managing communications on behalf of an organization with employees and other audiences defined as internal to the organization. They will study how to design and produce effective professional communications plans, programs, policies and tools to effectively communicate corporate messages, promote employee engagement & productivity and create a positive organizational culture.

Prerequisites: PRLN 1150

Not Transferable

PRLN 2450 CR-3

Public Relations Management

Students will review the major managerial functions, including strategic planning, organizing, leading, budgeting and human resources, as they relate to public relations. They will learn current concepts, theories, techniques, and models of managing public relations departments, agencies and consultancies. Students will learn about the integration of social science theories and management techniques in the research, planning, implementation, and evaluation of public relations strategies.

Prerequisites: PRLN 2350

Transferable (refer to transfer guide )

PRLN 2455 CR-3

Creative Services Consulting

Students will learn how to establish a consulting company to gain contract and freelance project work in a creative services field such as public relations, corporate communications, marketing communications or graphic design. They will explore current concepts, theories and practical skills related to the establishment and marketing of a creative services consulting business. Students will examine business, marketing, ethical, legal and professional considerations specific to creative service businesses, agencies and consultancies.

Prerequisites: PRLN 1120, PRLN 1230, PRLN 1140, PRLN 1141, PRLN 1150, PRLN 1210, PRLN 1220, PRLN 1236, PRLN 1250, PRLN 2310, PRLN 2320, PRLN 2332, PRLN 2338, PRLN 2350

Not Transferable

PRLN 2476 CR-4.5

Public Relations Work Experience

Students will secure with instructor guidance a work experience sponsor and apply skills learned in the program in an on-the-job environment. They will work full-time for four weeks within the PR industry with consideration given to the students' interests, skills, and personal suitability and the needs of both the student and the sponsor employer.

Prerequisites: PRLN 2350

Co-requisites: JRNL 2401 and PRLN 2450

PRLN 2477 CR-3

PR Practicum

Students will apply the skills and knowledge of professional public relations practice by securing, with instructor guidance and approval, an unpaid practicum of four weeks on-site in a professional communications environment. They will demonstrate mastery of the full range of PR competencies gained in the PR Diploma Program through tasks completed while working full-time, five days a week, for a minimum of 30 hours a week, for four weeks within the PR industry with consideration given to the student's interests, skills and personal suitability as well as the needs of both the student and the sponsor employer.

Prerequisites: PRLN 1130, PRLN 1220, PRLN 2310, PRLN 2320, PRLN 2338, PRLN 2331, PRLN 2350

Not Transferable

PRLN 2478 CR-1.5

Professional Readiness

Students will learn the techniques and practices of preparing for work opportunities in a professional and/or creative services field. They will analyze job postings and produce effective cover letters, resumes, and requests for informational interviews. They will design and organize a professional portfolio and learn to effectively present the portfolio to an employer. Students will practice professional networking skills and gain skills in handling employment tests and interviews. They will produce an analysis of the employment market for their chosen field and create a plan for a job search.

Prerequisites: PRLN 1130, PRLN 1220, PRLN 2310, PRLN 2320, PRLN 2338, PRLN 2331, PRLN 2350

Not Transferable

PRLN 3010 CR-3

Ethics of Communication

Students will examine ethical challenges that arise in the careers of organizational communications, marketing, business and public relations professionals. Students will explore the ethical codes of professional associations governing the practice of business communications. They will examine leadership roles for communicators in shaping ethical futures for profit and non-profit organizations.

Prerequisites: 30 credits of 1100-level or higher

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