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Linguistics (LING)

This is a list of the Linguistics (LING) courses available at KPU.

LING 1100 CR-3

Introduction to Language Structure

Students will acquire a basic understanding of the structural properties of languages in general. They will learn how words and sentences are formed and how sounds are articulated and patterned. Students will analyze examples from a variety of languages and discuss applications of linguistic findings to language learning and teaching.

Transferable (refer to transfer guide )

LING 1300 CR-3

Languages of the World

Students will learn fundamental facts about the world's languages and will examine topics critical to language. They will examine a range of questions: the regional and historical similarity and diversity of languages, linguistic typology and language universals, sound and structural features of the world's languages, issues of languages in contact, minority language endangerment, and the role of English as a world language.

Transferable (refer to transfer guide )

LING 2120 CR-3

Grammatical Patterns in Language

Students will examine the principles that govern the way that words are created and organized into sentences, and how the meanings of words and sentences are interpreted. They will investigate the systems that underlie the organization and structure of natural languages and apply these principles to the description and analysis of individual languages. Students will evaluate and analyze data from a variety of languages around the world.

Prerequisites: LING 1100

Transferable (refer to transfer guide )

LING 2300 CR-3

Language in Society

Students will examine the relationship between language and culture in past and present societies. They will analyze variation in language based on region, social class, gender, and age. Students will study contact and conflict between languages and look at different kinds of language policies enacted throughout the world. Students will also investigate how cultural attitudes and expectations and group attachments affect language usage.

Prerequisites: LING 1100 or LING 1300

Transferable (refer to transfer guide )

LING 2400 CR-3

First and Second Language Acquisition

Students will study processes and issues associated with a child learning a first language and an adult studying a second language. Topics will include the acquisition of vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation. Students will become familiar with normal language development and review fundamental questions in current theoretical models.

Prerequisites: LING 1100

Transferable (refer to transfer guide )

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