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Chemistry Qualifying (CHEQ)

This is a list of the Chemistry Qualifying (CHEQ) courses available at KPU.

These courses are not at the post-secondary level and therefore are not eligible for Education Tax Credit or Tuition Tax Credit (T2202A).
These courses meet the criteria of Adult Basic Education, and are therefore tuition-free for domestic students (Canadian citizens and permanent residents). Regular student fees and student association fees apply.
Student with physical, mental, or learning disabilities who need accommodations for courses or labs are required to contact the Services for Students with Disabilities department and encouraged to discuss course learning outcomes with the course or lab instructors.

CHEQ 1094 CR-4

Preparation for General Chemistry

Students will study: exponential notation, significant figures, dimensional analysis, metric system, density, symbols, chemical formula and equations, percentage composition and simplest formula, atomic mass, mole concept, stoichiometry, solutions molarity, classification of matter, gases, periodic table and some descriptive chemistry. They will also perform experiments in the laboratory.

Prerequisites: (Foundations and Pre-Calculus of Mathematics 10 with a C) or [Mathematics 10 with a C]

Co-requisites: MATQ 1093 or MATH 1093 or MATH 1117 or MATQ 1099 or ABEM 0011 or MATP 1011 or (Pre-Calculus 11 with a C) or (Principles of Mathematics 11 with a C)

Not Transferable

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