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Security Management (SECU)

This is a list of the Security Management (SECU) courses available at KPU.

SECU 2000 CR-3

Private Security and Public Policing

Students will acquire a basic understanding of private security and public policing. They will address the various issues and challenges facing these two areas including regulations, recruitment, training, the exercise of legal authority, and organizational strategies. Students will explore the inter-relationship between private security and public police agencies and the ethical issues of concern to each.

Prerequisites: CRIM 1100 or 1101

SECU 2001 CR-3

Introduction to Security Management

Students will explore applied ethics and management theory as they relate to security management. They will gain practical knowledge of the practices of security management through case studies, class presentations and guest lectures. Students will apply basic elements of management to practical security industry scenarios. Students will explore topics of particular interest in the industry including confidentiality; liability; employee integrity; human relations; supervision and disciplinary actions; information security; business strategy; and client relations.

Prerequisites: BUSI 1210 or 1215

SECU 3001 CR-3

Security Systems and Controls

Students will attain knowledge of key components of security systems and controls inherent in a physical security program. They will be involved in a detailed examination of specific security systems utilized by the security industry including intrusion and duress alarm systems, various forms of perimeter protection, locks and keys, access control systems, closed circuit television and other physical protection elements. Students will examine the relationship between physical and dynamic security through the study of strategies and applications for security systems and controls, including how design and space can impact human behaviour. They will gain understanding of the critical role of security personnel in linking control through design with security systems.

Prerequisites: SECU 2000 and 60 credit at 1000-level or above

SECU 4000 CR-3

Modern Approaches to Security

Students will gain knowledge of key areas of interest in the security industry with special emphasis on the importance of technology, both as an area of concern and as an important tool in the industry. They will focus on cutting edge technology and modern approaches to security by interacting with security industry professionals.

Prerequisites: CRIM 4201

SECU 4001 CR-3

Security: Project-Based Research

Students will acquire and apply knowledge of the security industry. They will conduct a literature search and apply their knowledge to one of the following subject areas: physical security; investigations; loss prevention; liaison/external relations; emergency planning; security management; information security; substance abuse and personnel security. They will apply the skills and knowledge acquired in preceding courses to specific security industry situations or scenarios. Students will prepare to write an industry standard exam.

Prerequisites: SECU 4000

SECU 4002 CR-3

Security Risk Assessment and Management

Students will study and discuss security risk assessment and management. They will discuss terminology and theories and identify vulnerabilities, criticality, and risk. Students will select appropriate countermeasures to reduce or mitigate vulnerabilities. They will apply security risk assessment and management knowledge by planning and conducting a security risk assessment, or security audit, in a specific environment.

Prerequisites: SECU 4000

SECU 4250 CR-6

Security Management Practicum

Students will apply theories and knowledge of security management to real life situations within a chosen area of specialization. They will gain work experience within a corporate or public security department or a private security company. Students will prepare a plan to address a specific concern or problem identified in the practicum setting. They will acquire marketable job skills.

Prerequisites: CRIM 4201 and SECU 4000 and 4001

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