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Psychiatric Nursing (PSYN)

This is a list of the Psychiatric Nursing (PSYN) courses available at KPU.

PSYN 1100 CR-5

Individuals and Their Health

Students will explore the personal meaning of health. They will complete health assessments, and counsel individuals on health maintenance in the practice setting. Students will examine select theoretical and conceptual frameworks addressing caring, mental health, and the role of the Registered Psychiatric Nurse (RPN) in working with individuals. They will explore the individual's experience of health and how it's affected by social determinants.

Co-requisites: ENGL 1100 and PSYC 1100 and BIOL 1160

PSYN 1200 CR-5

Families and Their Health : Psychiatric / Mental Health Nursing

Students will recognize the effects of mental health challenges in the individual and the family. They will apply psychiatric nursing interventions guided by nursing theories and the lived experience of families.

Prerequisites: PSYN 1100

Co-requisites: ANTH 1100 and BIOL 1260 and three credits of 1200-level ENGL

PSYN 2101 CR-9 (Formerly PSYN 2100 )

Groups and Their Health: Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing

Students will examine roles, relationships, challenges, and interventions for groups. They will apply select theories of group dynamics in co-leading small heterogeneous and homogeneous groups composed of persons experiencing mental health challenges. Students will experience the role of the RPN in working through stages such as forming, norming, storming and performing.

Prerequisites: PSYN 1200

Co-requisites: PSYN 2120

PSYN 2120 CR-3

Pharmacology and Other Therapeutics: Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing

Students will learn pharmacodynamics: generic and trade names of medications, formulary drugs, non-formulary drugs, alternative, traditional and complementary therapies. They will practice safe medication administration including preparing and administering drugs, and assessing responses to medications and other therapeutics in simulations.

Prerequisites: PSYN 1200

Co-requisites: PSYN 2101

PSYN 2201 CR-8 (Formerly PSYN 2200 )

Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing: Acute Care as Community

Students will apply select theories to maintain, restore, or improve the health of people in acute care communities, They will assess these communities using both a needs assessment and a community development model to facilitate informed health care decision-making. Students will apply knowledge of acute health care challenges and use nursing assessment and intervention skills in caring for individuals in a community context.

Prerequisites: PSYN 2101 and PSYN 2120 and SOCI 1125 and (ANTH 2142 or CRIM 2330)

PSYN 3100 CR-7

Community Health: Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing

Students will apply community development models working with communities to maintain, restore, or improve the health of people in communities. They will have practice in a variety of communities where psychiatric and mental health needs can be addressed.

Prerequisites: PSYN 2201 or (CAHS 3500 or NRSG 3190 for RPN's only)

Co-requisites: PSYN 3120 and WOMN 3100

PSYN 3120 CR-3

Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing: Health Care Economics, Leadership and Management

Students will explore theory of basic economics and management with a focus on health care in Canada. They will develop leadership skills, group facilitation talents, and basic business planning and budget preparation. Students will work with an agency and will propose creative financial solutions to health care that maintains quality of care. They will integrate conflict resolution models, develop an understanding of working with unions, and be introduced to policy analysis. Students will also utilize nursing informatics.

Prerequisites: PSYN 2201

PSYN 3200 CR-7

Global Problems and Health

Students will apply concepts and theories to address health challenges related to crises and environmental factors. They will examine the relationship between environment and health including epidemiological analysis, policy, and assessment on a local and global level. Students will work with a community on an identified crisis and/or environmental health issue. They will also explore the relationship of health and harmony to the land, natural world, and environment, from many perspectives including Aboriginal people's perspective.

Prerequisites: PSYN 3100 and WOMN 3100

Co-requisites: PSYN 3220 and PSYN 3230 and PSYN 3240

PSYN 3220 CR-2

Issues in Mental Health Nursing

Students will use critical social theory to explore current issues and societal trends associated with the oppression of people experiencing mental health issues. They will explore the role of the Registered Psychiatric Nurse (RPN) in relation to these issues and societal trends.

Prerequisites: PSYN 3100 and WOMN 3100

Co-requisites: PSYN 3200 and PSYN 3230 and PSYN 3240

PSYN 3230 CR-3

Psychiatric/Mental Health: Nursing Research

Students will enhance their abilities to participate in the research process through critically reflecting on various research methodologies. They will develop their abilities to comprehend, critique and utilize research. Students will experience ways to transform personal inquisitiveness into a process of posing, exploring, and answering researchable questions. They will explore ways to critically examine their practice in relation to research. Students will explore the political considerations in conducting research.

Prerequisites: PSYN 3100

Co-requisites: PSYN 3200 and PSYN 3220 and PSYN 3240

PSYN 3240 CR-3

Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis

Students will learn techniques commonly used in the analysis of both qualitative and quantitative data. They will engage in the process of qualitative analysis through examining qualitative data, data coding, and thematic construction. Students will also examine a range of descriptive and inferential statistical approaches to quantitative analysis using a computer-based system.

Prerequisites: PSYN 3100 and PSYN 3120

Co-requisites: PSYN 3200 and PSYN 3220 and PSYN 3230

PSYN 4100 CR-7

Capstone Course: Psychiatric / Mental Health Nursing

Students will collaborate with peers to suggest course content based on course concepts and self-identified learning needs. They will practice in a variety of clinical settings to integrate learning from previous nursing and non-nursing courses. Students will apply advanced nursing skills in counseling, psychotherapy, and case management as they work with individuals, families and groups.

Prerequisites: PSYN 3200

Co-requisites: PHIL 3010 and SOCI 3345

PSYN 4200 CR-10

Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing: Preceptorship

Students will participate in a Preceptorship of their choice, based on availability of preferred placements. They will increase knowledge and skills to develop independence and confidence as a practitioner in the field of psychiatric/mental health nursing.

Prerequisites: PSYN 4100

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