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Portfolio Requirements

The Wilson School of Design uses an online submission portal, Slideroom, to collect, evaluate, and store portfolios. Once you have completed your online application to KPU, you may upload your portfolio onto SlideRoom

Please ensure you have completed your online application and reviewed the requirements for your portfolio submission before uploading to Slideroom. Please be aware there is a supplemental fee and data privacy consent required when creating a Slideroom profile. 

Ripped paper artwork.

The Foundations in Design Program is a limited intake program with 20 seats available each Fall intake.  Admission to the program is based on the strength of the applicant's portfolio. Once you have completed your application, you may begin uploading your Portfolio through SlideRoom.

Portfolio Submission

As part of your online portfolio submission, you will be asked to submit the following:

  1. Portfolio Website Link (if applicable)
  2. Secondary and/or Post-Secondary Transcripts (unofficial)
  3. Portfolio (5 - 15 pieces; see below for more information)

Portfolio Content

Portfolios should reflect creative interests. The following are suggestions for inclusion in the portfolio, but are intended only as a guide. Please include 5 - 15 pieces of work in your portfolio.

  • Drawing and paintings
  • Three-dimensional work (i.e. sculpture, pottery, textiles, woodworking, printmaking, sewing/costume design, garden/landscape design, model making)
  • Select pages pf a sketchbook or journal
  • Digital media (i.e. photography, film, video, animation)

Portfolio Formatting

Portfolios must be submitted in electronic format therefore (with the exception of digital media) please provide high quality photographs or scans of your work, as opposed to submitting originals.

  • Acceptable file formats: PDF, Word, PowerPoint, Keynote, PNG/JPG images, or website. Please refer to the SlideRoom website on File Sizes and Types for details on additional file formats and appropriate sizing.
  • Provide a caption to each piece detailing titles, dates, sizes, medium, and descriptions of what you were trying to achieve. You may present this information in a single info sheet if needed.
  • Keep your work logically organized. Multiples images of one piece showing different angles or project progression should be grouped together.