Pre-departure Checklist and Handbook

Pre-departure Checklist

Make sure you have completed all the steps in this list by their respective deadlines and before you arrive in Canada.

Get acceptance from home institutions to come to KPU on exchange – for exchange students

- (For visiting students) Receiving a letter of permission (in English) from your home institution that states that you are allowed to study at KPU

- Fill out and submit a completed application form by the appropriate deadline

- Fill out and submit a completed course approval sheet by the appropriate deadline

- Receive an official acceptance letter from KPU (this will be emailed and mailed to you)

- Apply for the appropriate study permit (if required)

- Apply for homestay or secure other housing

- Check the new student Orientation dates and make sure you're able to attend!

- Book flight (seems an important thing...)

- Have a festive goodbye party (optional, but why not!)

- Pack bags and take off!


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