The Amazon Interdisciplinary Field School 2020


NOTE: The Amazon Field School 2020 was on hiatus due to the progression of the novel coronavirus COVID-19. For more information on the latest Amazon Interdisciplinary Field School, please visit our Field School Home Page.


Bring to your studies renewed depth, purpose and global awareness.

Program Highlights and Travel Dates

Visit Colombia's Amazon Rainforest and experience its rich biological and cultural diversity. After a cultural tour of Bogota, you will travel south to the Calanoa Natural Reserve where you will engage in creative activities, trek and canoe into the forest, and learn indigenous knowledge from local guides and shamans. This 6-credit course and field school uses an interdisciplinary approach to explore themes of sustainability, conservation, community development, and indigenous perspectives.





Most of the trip will be spent at the Calanoa Natural Reserve, an artistic, ecological, and community-focused learning center located on the shore of the Amazon River. Calanoa offers an unforgettable experience of the rainforest through workshops that support a creative dialogue with local communities and the environment.

Field School Dates 

Classes at KPU: Pre-departure orientations and classroom sessions before and after the field/travel experience*
Arriving in Bogota, Colombia: May 1
Return to Vancouver: May 15
*Exact day/time for classes TBA. 
**Travel dates subject to minor adjustments pending final reservations, but will occur around the dates mentioned.

Information about Past Field Schools and Destinations 

For additional and more detailed information about the destinations and past field schools (e.g. student testimonials, general itinerary, etc.), visit:

Cost and Payment Details 

The $2975 program fee includes your accommodation, city transportation and airport/train transfer, museum/gallery/exhibition admissions, and the majority of your meals.
Additional costs to consider when planning for the field school include your international return flight to Colombia, your personal spending budget, and the KPU tuition (6 credits) which are not included in the $2975 program fee. 

Note that the flight to Colombia, personal expenses, tuition, additional meals and alcohol, and fees are not included. Bringing $200-$500 extra for personal expenses should be sufficient for incidentals (e.g. additional meals, souvenirs, extra outings, etc.).

Overall costs

Domestic Student  $2975  $986.84*  Estimated $800-$1200***  
International Student    $2975  See tuition estimator** Estimated $800-$1200*** 

*Rate based on 6 credit charge through Tuition Estimator. Please verify the latest costs by viewing the KPU tuition estimator.  Additional fees may apply on your KPU account for the Multi-Pass and Kwantlen Student Association Extended Dental and Health Plan.     

**Due to a tuition increase for international students, tuition costs will vary depending on the program start date.

***Costs are subject to change. For a more accurate estimate, please search for the field school flight dates through your preferred provider.

Program Fee Payment Plan & Deadlines

Domestic Student & International students $500 non-refundable deposit* (Applied to the program fee)

 September 30th  

Extension to October 18 (3 spots remaining)

2nd payment    $1250 November 30th SES or OSS 
3rd Payment $1225 January 31st SES or OSS

(Applicants are welcome to pay the full amount up-front if it's more convenient, otherwise, the smaller installments are due by the due dates that will be posted above.)

When applying, participants are required to make a non-refundable $500 deposit.

*According to the Field School guidelines, should a participant decide to withdraw from a field school after the deposit deadline, s/he will forfeit the non-refundable deposit and this money will remain in the Field School Fund.

** The fee payment deadlines are set according to the regular university fee schedule in the university calendar.
Payment of academic fees, due dates, withdrawal charges, refund policies, and associated policies for academic fees are set as per the university calendar.

Please note that should a decision be made by KPU to cancel a field school due to low enrolment or other academic/risk issues, participants will be entitled to a full rebate of any payments made including the deposit.

Tuition Payment Deadline

  Tuition Cost - 6 credits DEADLINE WHERE TO PAY? 
Domestic Student  $986.84

Currently TBD in January 

See Spring Semester Fee Payment Deadline*

International Student See tuition estimator

Currently TBD in January

See Spring Semester Fee Payment Deadline*


 SES (Student Enrolment Services), OSS (Online Self-Service)

* The fee payment deadlines are set according to the regular university fee schedule in the university calendar.
Payment of academic fees, due dates, withdrawal charges, refund policies, and associated policies for academic fees are set as per the university calendar.

Field school scholarships and fundraising opportunities

Both scholarships and fundraising opportunities to help students pay for the field school are available.
Click here for information on scholarships and other financial assistance options.

Amazon Field School-LKing

Classes Offered and Pre-requisites

DESN 3000 or ARTS 3000 Interdisciplinary Amazon Field School (6-credits)

Classes begin in January and are co-taught by Lucie Gagné and Lee Beavington. Exact day/time for the pre-departure classes are TBD.
To enhance their experience in Colombia, students are also encouraged to take an introductory Spanish in the Spring term.


30 credits of 1100-level or higher courses or by permission from an Field School Faculty Leader for students who might not have completed the number of credits required. 
Students must be nineteen years or older at the start of the course.

If you are unsure of your qualifications, please contact the field school faculty leaders with your questions, including your student number, program, expected number of credits completed by Spring, and a phone number you can be reached at.

Applicants from Institutions Other Than KPU

The Amazon Field School welcomes applications from college and university students outside of KPU. Applications from students outside
of KPU are encouraged and will be accepted and considered based on seat availability and compliance with prerequisites.

Please contact if you have any questions about the application if you are a student from another institution.

Photos by Lisa King (2015 Alumni)

Application Timeline

May 1

Applications open

Sep 30

Application Extended to Oct 18

Only 3 spots remaining

Applications close & $500 Non-refundable deposit due

Oct 15

OCT 22

Confirmation of Acceptance

Oct 30

NOV 30

Second Payment towards Program Fee Due $1250

NOV 30

JAN 31

Third Payment towards Program Fee Due $1225
Jan Tuition Payment due on Spring Fee Payment Deadline

Application Details and Deadline

Application Deadline

Monday, September 30

Application extended to October 18

Application Steps

You can apply to join us on the Amazon Interdisciplinary Field School Design Field School in 2 easy steps:

Step 1: Fill out and submit your completed application here (Application now closed).

Step 2: Pay your $500 deposit towards your program fees for the field school by Monday, September 30. Application Extended to Oct. 18, with 3 spots remaining. 

Start My Application! (application now closed) 

Contact Information

KPU International
Richmond Campus: R1400
Surrey Campus: Cedar 1145

International Exchange Programs Coordinators

Daria Ursol & Sarah Burn

Field School Faculty Leaders

Lucie Gagné (Design)

Lee Beavington (Arts/Science)

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