Software Available to Students

KPU students can access a variety of software applications in KPU student labs, campus libraries, and via remote tools such as AppsAnywhere and Citrix Receiver.  Check with your instructor for the specific labs that you attend.

Software Labs Library/Citrix AppsAnywhere
7-Zip X    
Adobe Acrobat DC X    
Adobe CC   X  
Argus X X  
Audacity X X  
AutoCAD X X  
Beyond 2020   X  
Biopac   X  
Canadian Tax Principles X    
Caseware X X X
Cisco Packet Tracer X X X
Dax Sutdio X    
Dynascape Color 2.01   X X
Eclipse X X X
Finale Notepad    X  
G Power X    
Gantt Project   X  
Google Chrome X X  
Graphical Analysis   X  
IBM SPSS Statistics X X X
Jamovi X    
Keyboarding Pro X X X
Live Psych   X X
Maple 2021   X X
MS Office 2019 X X  
Notepad++ X    
Optitex X    
Power BI X X X
Profile X X X
Psych Sim 5   X X
Pyton X    
QuickBooks X    
R & RStudio X X X
Revit X X  
Rhino X   X
Sage 50 X X X
SketchUp X    
Solid Works X    
SPSS 24   X  
Tableau X X X
Visual Studio X X X
VLC X    
Vortex   X X
WinBee   X  

Requesting Software

All applications made available to KPU employees and students in these environments must be reviewed and tested before deployment.

Software reviews ensure that:

  1. Teaching and Learning has assessed the software.
  2. A privacy impact assessment has been conducted.
  3. Legal compliance has been met.
  4. The software is compatible with current KPU systems and usage policies.
  5. The software vendor agreement complies with BC and Canadian laws.

Please note that only KPU employees are authorized to submit such requests. If you are a student, you may choose to ask your instructor or your faculty's Dean whether they are willing to support your request. If only a small number of individuals want to use the app you are interested in, there may be a significant delay while waiting for more individuals to express interest.

For additional information, support, training, or assistance contact us,


IT Service Desk @ 604.599.2116
Location: 1st Floor, Arbutus Building, Surrey Campus