Graduating Year - Home Stretch

Congratulations on making it to your final year! Below are a few things to take note of.

Resume & Cover Letter

  • Before applying for internships, volunteer positions, employment or a higher position within your organization, have your résumé reviewed by our Success Coach who is a Certified Résumé Strategist.
  • No résumé yet? Attend some of our webinars, look for inspiration in our Career Video Resources page and make an appointment with the Success Coach

It’s important you stand out from others. Learn how better to market yourself. We offer a variety of webinars that can help you do just that. Click here for our current offerings.


The Interview

  • The Internet abounds with interview advice. The problem is that it might come from the U.S., Europe or Asia and you need a good understanding of the interview style and demands of the local employers. Book an appointment with your Success Coach to get a good understanding of the values, and attitudes you will need to be successful.


Make an appointment for a mock interview! Better prepared means being less nervous and performing better!


Who are your References?

  • Who can I choose as a reference? When should I send their information? What is the acceptable formatting standard for the reference letter? Is there such thing: Reference Letter






A short appointment with the Student Success Coach will answer all your questions and show you how to make sure your reference is equipped with the best, most relevant information to help you get that job! 



Click here for a PDF of the Graduation Checklist


The Graduation Checklist

Check the Requirements

  • Review MAP (My Action Plan) to ensure you meet the requirements for your final courses
  • Meet with a Degree Advisor to ensure your final courses are attainable over your last few semesters - Book an Appointment

Book an Appointment

  • Meet with a Business Degree Advisor to perform a graduation check to ensure all requirements are met
  • Last Class to Graduate Requests; in the event you waitlisted for your final course, the advisor can request to overload the course so not to prolong your graduation


Browse KPU's Career Resources


  • Browse the resources section, attend webinars, meet with a Student Coach to learn what the labour market looks like in your field, what jobs are in demand and how to better present your skills and knowledge to employers.
  • School of Business offers free employment coaching to all students in their 3rd and 4th year as well as to our new graduates. 


Download the Career Connection App

  • The app provides access to hundreds of jobs, volunteer opportunities, internships and co-op posting
  • Available for Android and iOS devices

Attend Our Events

  • Each semester Melville business students have the opportunity to attend Industry Insiders, as well as other events organized on campus or virtually.  This is your chance to interact with employers, ask your questions and create new professional connections. 

Explore Graduate Programs

Don’t want to commit to a Grad Program?

  • Consider taking a course or two to compliment your skills after graduating 
  • You are welcome back anytime - You can return and take up to 12 credits without being re-admitted to a specific program


Connect with Faculty & Staff

  • Connect with faculty or staff at KPU for recommendation letters (these could be future employers or grad school applications)

Apply to graduate and attend Convocation

  • View the Graduation website and apply online
  • If you are an international student – book an appointment with an International Advisor to discuss your Post Graduation Work permit as well as the guidelines to invite family to visit Canada for the ceremonies


Enjoy the Ceremonies

  • This is a day the university comes together with your family to celebrate you and your achievement. Soak it all in! You deserve it.

Prepare for life as an Alum as a Melville School of Business graduate

  • As a KPU alumni, you automatically become part of a growing community
  • There are perks to being a KPU Alumni member - KPUAA offers discounts on a variety of products and services

Take advantage of KPU’s Library Services

  • You still have access to KPU's library services and resources even after graduating

Stay Connected

  • Join our Facebook Page, KPU Alumni
  • Join Alumni Chapters - This is a great way to stay connected with your peers. KPU offers 5 different alumni chapters, 3 of which derive from the Melville School of Business programs: Accounting, HR Alumni, & Marketing


Stay in Touch

  • Let us know what you've been up to - we love to read what our alumni are up to since graduation
  • Subscribe to the Alumni Magazine and see what your peers are up too, or get featured yourself

Take advantage of our Alumni Awards

  • Get recognized for your achievements since graduation, professionally, academically and out in the community.
  • Or nominate someone you know that’s done great work


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