FAQ | Engineering First-Year

I don’t meet the admission requirements to get into the Engineering First-Year program.  How do I pursue a career in Engineering?

Students who are missing the admission requirements for the Engineering First-Year program may take upgrading courses and apply to the Engineering program the following year.

Students who are not accepted into the Engineering First-Year program are still able to register into all the courses that make up the First-Year program, but registration is on a first-come basis.  Students accepted into the Engineering program will have a time-limited registration window to access reserved seats.  After this registration window has passed, any vacant reserved seat is opened to non-Engineering students.

Which campus is the Engineering First-Year program offered?

The complete Engineering First-Year program is offered on both the KPU Surrey and Richmond campuses, with 50-seats available on each campus.


What happens if I am unable to complete the Engineering First-Year program in my first year at KPU?

The intent is for the Engineering First-Year program to be completed in one year.  Students accepted into the program who are unable to complete within the one-year timeframe will be automatically removed from the program at the end of one year and re-classified as a general student within the Faculty of Science.  Students in the faculty are able to access the engineering-specific course on a first-come basis.  Students are encouraged to continue their studies at KPU to complete the Engineering Certificate or switch into one of KPU’s degree programs.

I plan to complete the Engineering First-Year curriculum over two years.  When should I apply to the Engineering program?

It is understandable that some students may want to extend their timeframe for completing the Engineering First-Year curriculum.  Since students in the Engineering program may only remain in the program for one-year, students planning to complete in two years are advised to do their course upgrading and take some of the non-engineering courses of the Engineering certificate in their first-year at KPU.  Students can then apply to the Engineering First-Year program for their second year.  By entering the Engineering program in their second year, the students are guaranteed seats in all the remaining courses required to complete the Engineering certificate.