Program Overview | Engineering First-Year

Begin your career in engineering with small class sizes and faculty dedicated to teaching and learning.

The KPU Engineering First-Year Certificate program replicates the first-year engineering curriculum at engineering-degree granting post-secondary institutions such as UBC and UVic.  In addition to a set of standard first-year math and science courses, KPU has developed a number of engineering-specific courses – in engineering design, graphics and microcontrollers – that will help prepare students in their subsequent engineering courses.  Students who successfully complete the Engineering First-Year program are eligible to transfer directly into a second-year engineering program at various engineering-degree granting institutions. 

Students accepted into the Engineering First-Year program are guaranteed seat availability in all their required courses for their first year.  The Engineering First-Year program is intended to be completed within one year.  Students admitted to the First-Year program who require more than one-year to complete the Certificate courses will be re-classified and will be able to complete the remaining Certificate courses on a first-come basis. 

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