Fees & Awards | Environmental Protection


Fees are assigned on a per-credit basis, and students require 86.5 credits to complete the program. Including student fees, books, equipment, etc, this translates to about $6 000.00 per year, or $12, 000.00 to complete the program. Students who already have taken some program courses (transfer credits) pay lower fees.

For more detailed information on student tuition and fees, visit Tuition & Fees or consult the current Calendar.


Over 250 awards and scholarships are available to Kwantlen students.

Eight of these are awarded only to Environmental Protection Technology students. These are:

  • Dr Barry Leach Memorial Award (Environmental) $1250.00
  • Eclipse Award for Environmental Leadership $500.00
  • Environmental Managers Association of BC Award $500.00
  • Envirotest Canada Environmental Protection Award $500.00
  • Foundation for Education and Advancement in Technology Award $500.00
  • Nature’s Path Foods Award $500.00
  • Vancouver International Airport Authority Environmental Protection Award $500.00
  • Worley Parsons Komex Environmental Protection Technology Award $500.00

Students may be eligible for student loans. If you wish to obtain a BC Student Assistance application, contact the Student Awards and Financial Assistance Office.