Curtis Bissell, EPT 2018

I really did enjoy the program and it's been among my favourite academic experiences.  I didn't have much academic success before EPT, but being excited about the course content combined with the atmosphere provided by the instructors and other students really helped me find my passion, and certainly helped my decision in continuing my educational journey and going for my BSc!


Susy on EC boat
Susanne Cluff, EPT 2008


After graduating I started my new career with Environment Canada as a Pollution Enforcement Officer. It's a great job with a lot of variety - I never get bored, and what I do helps in protecting our environment. It was through the co-op aspect of the program I was able to secure this position and start right away.


Preet Sandhu Bal, EPT 2007

I chose to return to school after a business degree from SFU, international schooling (India) and more undergraduate studies in Agricultural Sciences at UBC. The reason for extending my post-secondary career (after 11 years into it), was the same reason many of us go to school in the first place - to start a career, make money, and live happily ever after. I also wanted a green career, from which I could make respectable money without stripping our environment, and a life that took into account the well-being of other species too. With a business degree already, EPT seemed to be a match made in a sustainable garden.

After one year the program has already given me hands-on experience with environmental technologies. The learned concepts have been both practical and theoretical. And the subject areas provide a good foundation for the environmental sector. I am thrilled with my current co-op job (City of Vancouver, as a Water Conservation Assistant). The program is challenging, but there are rewards. If you are ready to work, co-op offers jobs at all levels of the industry including environmental education, policy, consulting, and laboratory analysis.


Amy safety
Amy Moizumi, EPT 2007

After earning a BAg in Plant Science and working in the field, I discovered I lacked the hands-on technical skills necessary to further my career. I enrolled in Kwantlen’s Environmental Protection Technology program (EPT) to acquire these skills.

In my second year, with Kwantlen’s generous donation, three students and I were given an opportunity of a lifetime. We were chosen to attend the United Nation / ATHGO International Symposia, Global Forum – Becoming One with the Environment in New York City. For three days, we listened to different viewpoints through individual speaker series and panel discussions. A Summary Resolution that dealt with alternative strategies to handling climate crisis was created by the participants.

Through the federal government’s student bridging program, my co-op experience has turned into a full time job as an Environmental Officer at Public Works, Government Services of Canada (PWGSC). Being able to perform a variety of tasks during my coop term has helped me prepare for my current role. My main duty is conducting environmental audits for regulatory compliance. Each day is filled with new opportunities and a chance to further develop my skills.

Although challenging and intense, this program provides the tools and knowledge necessary in entering the environmental industry. EPTers become a very close knit group that supports each other not just during school but throughout their lives. My experience with this program has been memorable and very positive.


Steve Morash
Steve Morash, EPT 1999 (Now with Metro Vancouver)

 I decided to return to school after working for several years as a chef I found Kwantlen University College offered a diverse selection of programs. One that caught my interest was the Environmental Protection Technology (EPT) program. I did some research regarding a career in the environment field and discovered many employment opportunities.

The EPT program offered a combination of hands-on experience involving workshops, field trips, theory and co-op learning. The two co-op work-terms gave me the opportunity to practice my abilities, learn new skills and make future contacts for employment. By enrolling in the EPT program, I’ve gained the confidence to excel in my field of choice and with my experience I have the ability to branch off into different areas.

The EPT program has given me a chance to give back to the world what some of us have taken from it. I don’t think I could have made a better career decision.


                                                       Kerri Dundas, EPT 1999 (Now with BC Ministry of Environment)

After earning a degree in biology, I found it difficult to start a career in my field. So, I enrolled in Kwantlen’s Environmental Protection Technology program, especially because of the co-op component.

My first work term was at the Greater Vancouver Regional District in the Air Quality Department. There, I contributed to the development of regulations and assisted on a number of facility inspections. In my second work term at BC Environment I worked as an Agriculture Waste Management Complaints Technician. The work I’m involved in is full of variety and very exciting.

I feel both positions gave me a competitive edge when seeking full-time employment. Co-op is a wonderful opportunity to gain valuable contacts. There is a good mixture of work experience in both the public and private sectors. The program’s class work will give me the skills I need to do the work I find fulfilling and worthwhile.