Future Course Offerings - ENVI

Fall 2023

ENVI 1106 Environmental Chemistry I

ENVI 1121 Environmental Issues

ENVI 2901 Environmental Research Seminar 


Spring 2024

ENVI 1121 Environmental Issues

ENVI 1206 Environmental Chemistry II

ENVI 1216 Introduction to Earth Sciences

ENVI 1226 Health & Safety

ENVI 2305 Environmental Toxicology

ENVI 2310 Solid Waste Management

ENVI 2315 Water and Soil Sampling

ENVI 2405 Environmental Legislation

ENVI 2410 Water Resources Protection


Summer 2024

ENVI 2415 Air Quality Monitoring

ENVI 2420 Contaminated Sites Management

ENVI 2902 Environmental Research Project


Course descriptions can be found in the KPU University Calendar.   Many KPU courses have prerequisite (registration) requirements.  If you are unsure how to proceed, schedule an appointment with an academic advisor.