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Student Success Stories

Faculty of Academic & Career Preparation

Emad AlrefaiEmad Alrefai
When he moved to Canada from Saudi Arabia, Emad enrolled at KPU in English Language Studies, immersing himself in a new language and culture [see video]

Sasha YouSasha You
After moving from China to Canada several years ago, Sasha wanted to immerse herself in a new culture and new language. ELS helped her do just that [see video]

Emi YumuraEmi Yumura
Emi found a new career and a new support network through KPU's CCLS program [see video]

Faculty of Arts

Calvin TiuCalvin Tiu
As an English student at KPU, Calvin's found opportunities and support to share his love of music and connect with others [see video]

Stuart ChaseStuart Chase
Stuart credits KPU with shaping his critical thinking abilities and helping developing his confidence thanks to the one-on-one learning environment [see video]

Paige GlazierPaige Glazier
Paige turned a horrific act of bullying into an opportunity to speak out and make a difference [see video]

Puneet Rangi Puneet Rangi
Working for WorkSafe BC, Puneet is using what she's learned at KPU to investigate fraud [see video]

Melville School of Business

Emad Alrefai

Emad Alrefai
After completing English Language Studies at KPU, Emad continued to pursue his love of business and math as an accounting student [see video]

Argel Monte de RamosArgel Monte de Ramos 
A passionate performer and business student, Argel combined his talents as an outgoing KPU ambassador [see video]

Kristina Obodovskiy Kristina Obodovskiy
Knowing that marketing is constantly changing makes it exciting and challenging for Kristina  [see video]

Wilson School of Design

ALISA YAO.jpgAlisa Yao
Alisa's always liked to build and create, which led her to the hands-on product design program at KPU's Wilson School of Design [see video]

Taylor ByromTaylor Byrom
Taylor turned her design education into a highly sought-after collection, and an opportunity to make a difference [see video]

Cody BottoCody Botto
Growing up with Hot Wheels and Lego, Cody has always liked to create things. Linking innovation and creativity, product design was a natural fit [see video]

Faculty of Health

April HollandApril Holland
April has always had an interest in health promotion and helping others and psychiatric nursing at KPU was the perfect choice [see video]

Nikka BagasbasNikka Bagasbas
Nikka wasn't always sure nursing was the career for her. But with a little encouragement she's found her calling [see video]

Meaghan D'MelloMeaghan D'Mello
With a desire to help others, Meaghan wants to bridge the gap between mental and physical health [see video]

Faculty of Science and Horticulture

Sarah PucekSarah Pucek
Working as a gardener, Sarah fell in love with plants and horticulture and discovered the Faculty of Science and Horticulture at KPU [see video]

Johanna WalkerJohanna Walker
Johanna's desire to work outdoors and passion for sustainability led her to KPU and a wealth of unique opportunities [see video]

Tom MorrisonTom Morrison
After experimenting with a home brew kit, Tom was hooked. He turned his passion into an exciting career in the brewing industry [see video]

Faculty of Trades and Technology

Aaron SaskAaron Sask
The knowledge Aaron gained at KPU has given him the opportunity to mentor others and be a leader on the job [see video]

Shania OldakerShania Oldaker
Shania's lifelong interest in cars led her to an exciting career in the trades at KPU [see video]

Cole FedirchukCole Fedirchuk
Cole's education in the trades began through ACE-IT. Now he's learning more and developing new skills at KPU  [see video]