Faculty Success Stories

Faculty of Arts

Francis AbiewDr. Francis Kofi Abiew
"I enjoy the small class sizes, which allow for one-on-one interaction with my students and it also allows me to follow my students' progress. I am able to pay more attention and engage students individually to help them succeed in the course." [read more]

Dr. Charles AdadeDr. Charles Adade
His international research and teaching experience are an inspiration for students and faculty alike. [read more]

Dr. Gira BhatDr. Gira Bhat
Dr. Bhatt has a passion for research and teaching that she shares with her students at KPU, giving them the confidence to pursue their goals. [read more]

Greg ChanGreg Chan
"Discovering good books and the power of writing has been a lifelong pursuit, one which I am proud to share with my English composition and literature students every day." [read more]

Gillian DearleGillian Dearle
"If you're interested in studying literature or just brushing up your writing, KPU is the place to come to." [read more]

Richard FloydRichard Floyd
"…received a Service Recognition award for his work over the past two years through the National Institute of Research in Sustainable Community Development…" [read more]

David FrocDr. David Froc
"If you have any interest and understanding of how your brain works, how your brain lets you do the things that you do, then my class is the place you want to be in." [read more]

Dr. Bonnie HaalandDr. Bonnie Haaland
"I care deeply about my students—as individuals and as future guardians of our society—and attempt to convey this care in all aspects of my association with them." [read more]

Dr. Dave LyonDr. Dave Lyon
"...was recently selected by first-year KPU students to receive an award for teaching excellence." [read more]

John MartinJohn Martin
"I enjoy teaching at KPU because of the small classrooms and the interaction with the students. Our classes get to go on field trips, study rocks and minerals and understand how the earth works. That's why this is a great place to learn about the earth." [read more]

Dr. Zdenek SkoumalDr. Zdenek Skoumal
"As an instructor, I find nothing more rewarding than exploring musical masterworks with a new generation of eager musicians." [read more]

Melville School of Business

Chamkaur CheemaChamkaur Cheema
"I want my students to learn that hard work and motivation will allow them to achieve great things…" [read more]

Doug FletcherDoug Fletcher
"Based on our consultation with industry, we know there is a demand in a variety of businesses and organizations for managers with these important skills." [read more]

Pamela IpPamela Ip
"KPU's great because the small class sizes allows interaction with the students themselves; they get to work with small teams. Also as an instructor, I can work one-on-one with them, and I also get to know them on the personal level." [read more]

Sepand JazziSepand Jazzi
"I chose to teach at KPU because it's the largest business school in Western Canada and is a leader as an instructor-led University." [read more]

Joan McEachernJoan McEachern
"I was a student-athlete myself and I also played on the women's national team. I enjoyed those experiences immensely and I really enjoy bringing those experiences in the classroom and on the women's soccer team." [read more]

Wilson School of Design

Lucie GagnéLucie Gagné
"Having the opportunity to share my passion for design, and then seeing the a-ha moment in a student's eyes…" [read more]

Sharon GreenoSharon Greeno
"What's great about this program is that you get to learn all aspects of the industry which allows you to be a successful business person." [read more]

Sooz-KlinkhamertnSooz Klinkhamer
"…It is my role as a faculty member and mentor to ensure the students are well-prepared for the design world." [read more]

Victor MartinezVictor Martinez
"The Wilson School of Design has very ambitious plans. I'm eager to help shape that future." [read more]

Faculty of Science

Dr. Patrick DuffyDr. Patrick Duffy
"...I'm passionate about teaching, and chemistry happens to be something that I know enough about to teach." [read more]

Dr. Deborah HendersonDr. Deborah Henderson
"...along with KPU's School of Horticulture and the Institute for Sustainable Horticulture established a Conservation Biological Control trial Garden..." [read more]

Gary JonesGary Jones
"KPU's School of Horticulture is a natural choice for students wishing to develop practical knowledge and vital employability skills to succeed as leaders..." [read more]

Jim MatteoniJim Matteoni
"I really love teaching here at KPU because I get a chance to not just convey information to the students and get the students to receive the information..." [read more]

Suzanne PearceSuzanne Pearce
"Seeing the 'aha!' moment in a student's eyes, watching a student succeed at their dream of becoming a science teacher..." [read more]

Avtar SadhraAvtar Sadhra
"The availability of instructors for students is there and the smaller class sizes allow students to get more individual attention." [read more]

Faculty of Health

Marion CrookMarion Crook
Marion Crook's teaching style represents KPU's commitment to the South Fraser Region... [read more]

Faculty of Academic & Career Preparation

Lesley HemsworthLesley Hemsworth
She's confident in her abilities – and will help you gain confidence in yours. [read more]

Elly MorganElly Morgan
"I have passion for what I do because I have the privilege of seeing women change during the course of the CCLS program." [read more]

Janice MorrisJanice Morris
"For me, teaching English is a passion fuelled by the desire to learn—about people and the ways in which we make meaning. Teaching at KPU has shown me that we are all teachers because we are all students of learning." [read more]

Faculty of Trades and Technology

Robert FinlaysonRobert Finlayson
"…I enjoy the program's hands-on projects because they help create exposure for my students and will prepare them for success in their careers." [read more]

Gerard LavertyGerard Laverty
"We have the latest in equipment, and the environment to train the students in is as good as you can get anywhere in the world." [read more]

James WatsonJames Watson
"I think it's the greatest thing that's happen to these kids when they get out of high school, and getting into the trades, it's something to look forward to." [read more]

Mary WiltonMary Wilton
"It is enjoyable and refreshing to go to work every day knowing that you are passing on knowledge and experience to students who are either entering a new career or enriching their chosen career." [read more]

Co-operative Education

Shawn EricksonShawn Erickson
"…Sharing the passion of a team that shapes future leaders through work integrated learning, makes my contribution to KPU truly a rewarding experience." [read more]

Leanne McKenzieLeanne McKenzie
"…Playing a part in the overall success of KPU's graduates makes my job truly a pleasure." [read more]