Access Exams

Exam accommodations help you demonstrate your knowledge and skills on tests and exams.

Access Exams are when you use accommodations to write a quiz, test, mid-term, or final exam for a KPU course. Accommodations are changes in when, where, or how you complete an exam. Some examples of Accommodations for exams include:

  • Alternate Format - such as audio, e-text, or large print
  • Extended Exam Time – additional time to complete an exam
  • Distraction Reduced – exams are booked in a room where visual and auditory distractions are reduced
  • Technology – use of computer, calculators, spell-check, or specific software
  • Reader or Scribe – a technology or person who reads a test aloud or writes your responses

Talk to us if you'd like to include Access Exams in your Accommodation Plan. 

Access Exams are arranged through KPU's Assessment & Testing Services. 
You are encouraged to register for your Access Exams early in the semester and at least two weeks in advance of the testing date.

Register for Access Exams