Accessible textbooks and other printed materials are an important part of your learning at KPU.

We can help you explore what accessible options work best for you and help you get the accessible textbooks and course materials you need. 

You can find out what textbooks and materials are recommended and required in your courses in your Personalized Book List on KPU's Online Self Service or search KPU's Bookstore.

Accessible options for textbooks and materials include

Open Educational Resources

KPU is Canada's leading adopter of Open Educational Resources, which offer built-in accessibility features. Check to see if your courses offer Open Educational Resources and see if they meet your needs.


Many textbooks are available to purchase in electronic format, which may meet your accessibility needs. Check to see if your textbooks come in an electronic format.

CAPER Requests

The Center for Accessible Post-Secondary Educational Resources (CAPER) provides alternate formats of course books and materials for university in BC. We can help you register and submit requests.

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