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ACP Faculty Council Composition

In accordance with the Bylaws of the Faculty of Academic & Career Preparation, the ACP Faculty Council will be composed as follows:

Representation Number of Council Members Voting or Non-voting Term
English Upgrading 5 Voting 2 years
English Language Studies 5 Voting 2 years
Access Programs 3 Voting 2 years
Instructional Member at Large 1 Voting 2 years
Students 2 Voting 1 year
Dean 1 Voting Continuous
Associate Dean 1 Voting Continuous
Business Manager 1 Voting Continuous
Professional Support Staff 1 Voting 2 years
President or designate 1 Voting Continuous
Total Voting Members 21    
ACP Sitting Senator (if not already elected as a departmental representative) 2 Non-voting Term of Senator appointment
ACP Academic Advisor (if not already elected as the PSS representative above) 1 Non-voting Continuous
Registrar or designate 1 Non-voting Continuous

The Recorder for the ACP Faculty Council is

Alannah St. Pierre
Administrative Assistant
phone     604.599.2321
fax          604.599.2435