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English Upgrading Faculty

Bains, Gurinder B.Sc. (UBC), B.Ed. (UBC), MA (UBC)
Bruins, Louise B.A. (KPU), M. Ed. (U of C)
Bryja, Bogdan B.A. (U of T), M.A. (U of T), Ph.D. (University of Birmingham)
Conway, Sean TESL, B.A. (Dal), M.A. (UBC)
Currin, Jen B.A. (Bard College), M.F.A. (ASU), M.A. (SFU)
Diotte, Mark B.A. (SFU), M.A. (SFU), P.D.P. (SFU), Ph.D. (UBC)
Hollaway, Rachelle B.A. (CU), M.A. (CU)
Lee, Sue B.A. (SFU), M.A. (Chicago), Cert. CELTA (Cambridge)
Morris, Janice B.A. (SFU), M.A. (SFU)
Sears, Chris B.A. (UVic), M.A. (UVic)
Stanwood, Ian B.A. (SFU), Dipl. TESOL (VCC), M.A. (University of Leicester)
Sudlow, Gillian B.A. (UBC), B.Ed. (UBC), MET (UBC)
Traynor, Chris B.A. (VIU), M.A. (UBC)
Walsh, Diane B.A. (SFU), M.Ad.Ed. (SFX), Certificate, Adult Literacy Education (SFU)
Webster, Janet B.A. (Sir George Williams University), M.A. (SFU), TESOL Diploma (VCC)
Wrench, Danny TESL (UBC), B.Ed. (McGill), M.Ed. (UBC)