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KPU is preparing for more on-campus activity in Fall 2021. For more on what’s happening for Summer and Fall 2021 [Read more]

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UBCMUN 2022 

Apply to become a part of the UBCMUN team for their next Model United Nations conference in January 2022. For more information click the images below!

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BC Political Studies Association 2021 Student Essay and Marjorie Griffin Cohen Competitions

Student Essay Prizes

Up to four prizes are awarded each year in the following three categories: 

Mike Meade Prize - the Mike Meade Prize recognizes the best lower division (first and second year) undergraduate paper. Up to two Mike Meade Prizes are awarded each year. 

Norman Ruff Prize - the Norman Ruff Prize recognizes the best upper division (third and fourth year) undergraduate paper. 

BA Honours Paper Prize - this prize recognizes the best honors paper.

These contests are open to all students enrolled in BC colleges and universities that participate in the BCPSA. Papers may cover any sub-field of political science. Departments are responsible for nominating papers. Each department can nominate two papers for the Mike Meade Prize and no more than one paper for each of the two upper level undergraduate prizes. Papers written from the Summer 2020 to the Spring 2021 term are eligible for the BCPSA 21 competitions. Papers written during the Summer 2021, Fall 2021, and Spring 2022 terms will be eligable for the BCPSA 22 competitions. 

Please send papers as attachments to by June 1, 2021. The results of the competitions will be announced at the BCPSA 21 AGM. 

Details on eleigability, nomination, submission, and adjudication for all competitions can be found on the BCPSA website: Student Competitions and Prizes - British Columbi Political Studies Association. 

Student Leaders Colloquium

The deadline for the Fraser Institute's annual Student Leaders Colloquium will close on April 18th. 

More information and the application can be found on the website:

Student Leaders

Student Essay Contest 2021

This year, students are encouraged to construct an essay exploring Joseph Schumpeter's concept of creative destruction. Both undergraduate and graduate students have the chance to win cash, have their ideas published, and learn about a key economic thinker. 

A video series and the Essential Joseph Schumpeter primer can be accessed for free at Both of these resources can help students explore the ideas of Joseph Schumpeter in order that they can integrate them into their essays. 

The rules, essay guidelines, and past examples of winning essays can be found on the website and the deadline for submissions is June 1, 2021. 

UNAC (United Nations Association in Canada) Think Global Act Local Event

Think Global Act Local

Ross Michael Pink and Luthfi Dhofier: World Refugee Day 2020: Is It Time for a New Refugee Convention?

On June 19, 2020 Dr. Ross Michael Pink, Chair of the Political Science Department along with former KPU BA Graduate and UBC MA Graduate, Luthfi Dhofier published an article for World Refugee Day 2020 in The GlobePost under the Opinions section of the paper. The article can be found:

Ross Michael Pink and Luthfi Dhofier: Climate change impacts water security in Egypt, India, Indonesia and Australia

On March 21, 2020  Dr. Ross Michael Pink, Chair of the Political Science Department along with former KPU BA Graduate and UBC MA Graduate, Luthfi Dhofier published an article for World Water Day in the Vancouver Sun under the Options section of the newspaper. The article can be found:

Networking for Success Talk

In February 2020  Dr. Ross Michael Pink, Chair of the Political Science Department presented a Talk entitled 'Networking for Success'  to Student Ambassadors and Staff from the KPU Future Students Office

Networking for Success

Networking for Success

KPU Open House

The KPU Open House on February 8, 2020 was a successful Event. The Political Science Department was hosted by Department Chair Dr. Ross Michael Pink and Instructor Dr. Serdar Kaya who had the opportunity to showcase an exciting display booth and engage with scores of interested guests and prospective students.

Political Science Department at KPU Open House
Political Science Department at KPU Open House

KPU Student Climate Change Ambassador Program

Climate Change Ambassador

Climate Change Ambassador SpeakerThe KPU student climate change ambassador program is innovative environmental activism that brings students and professors into high schools, universities and the community to discuss important climate change topics. climate change is the leading environmental and human rights issue on the planet. By 2050 the United Nations predict there will be 200 million climate change refugees.  

Climate Change Ambassador SpeakerOn December 11, 2019 at Princess Margaret Secondary School in Surrey, 4 outstanding student climate change ambassadors, Kine Afework, Ronell Pena, Abdul Salam Arif and Lincoln Saugstad along with Dr. Ross Michael Pink addressed 3 different classes with 100 students. Social science department head, Drew Kowalenko welcomed the KPU team. The PowerPoint session outlined the main issues around climate change and highlighted 4 country experiences:

Climate Change Ambassador Program Group

The Philippines, Ethiopia, India, and Kenya. the high school students were eager to learn and asked dozens of fascinating questions.  

Visit by the UN Independent Expert for Persons with Albinism

IK Ero

On October 8, 2019, Dr. Ross Pink's Political Science 1125 Class in KPU Richmond hosted IK Ero who is the United Nations Expert for Albinism. She was born in Nigeria, attended law school in Canada, and works in a leadership role with the NGO 'Under the Same Sun.' She spoke about the awful discrimination and violence that albinos face worldwide.


KPU Political Science Department Federal Candidate Debate

Federal Candidate DebateA lively and important Federal candidate debate attended by 140 guests was hosted by the Political Science Department on September 26th, 2019 at KPU Surrey featuring the candidates in the Surrey Newton riding which is home to KPU.  

Attending were the Liberal MP Sukh Dhaliwal, Conservative candidate Harpreet Singh and NDP candidate Harjit Singh Gill.  The event was moderated by Political Science Instructor and Chair of the Political Science Department Dr. Ross Michael Pink. Enthusiastic students from Dr. Pinks Political Science 3131 class attended and participated with articulate questions along with members of the public and media.

Student Samantha Jack opened the event with an important First Nations acknowledgement. Students George Gardinetti, Karishma Ram and Marco Limongelli were excellent moderating the audience questions. There was a strong clash of ideas and opinions that was conducted peacefully which is a hallmark of democracy.  

In the subsequent October 2029 Federal election, Mr. Sukh Dhaliwal retained the Federal seat for the Liberal Party.