Political Mentorship Program

Since 2021, the Mentorship Program has provided students pursuing Political Science majors the opportunity to see where their degrees can take them. Several students have now met and worked with elected officials to see how they do their jobs.

If you are a student or mentor who is interested in this program, please contact: Dr. Ross Pink for more details.

The Runner | KPU political science mentorship pairs students with local politicians 

Political Mentorship Program: Student Successes

The KPU Student Politics Mentorship Program connects Students with Federal MPs and Provincial MLAs to learn firsthand about important Political Issues and Public service careers. Several KPU Students gained full-time and part-time employment though participation in the successful, innovative Mentorship Program. Some of the Political Mentorship hosts include Kerry Lynne Findlay, MP; Sukh Dhaliwal, MP; Megan Dykeman, MLA; Hedy Fry, MP; Ken Hardy, MP. 

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MLA Elenore Sturko (left) & KPU Student Tisha Punn (right)

"It was a really great experience, and I was able to be introduced to so many people working in politics. I feel like I have a whole new perspective on administrative work and the structure of provincial government. I even went to Victoria for work and visited the Legislative library, Parliamentary dining hall, and got to see first-hand the inner workings of Parliament. All of the staff at Elenore's office were so frinedly and made me feel welcome right from day 1. I truly appreciate this opportunity Dr. Pink!" 

Nihaal & Pierre

Nihall Khera (left) with Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre (right)

“Today was an amazing experience, I met and talked with Pierre Poilievre, his executive assistant has shown interest in a virtual interview. I met with MP Brad Vis, MP Bob Zimmer, MP Kerry Lynne and the Surrey Mayor Brenda Locke, as well has many other advisors and business owners in Surrey." 

- Nihall Khera, KPU Political Science Student

POLI Mentorship Program

Karina Dhillon (left) and Sunny (right)

"Working with Randeep Sarai's office has been rewarding. I have had the opportunity to serve our constituents and look forward to continued engagement with the community." 


KPU Student Justin Cawker (left) & Langley East MLA Megan Dykeman (right


MLA Megan Dykeman (left) & KPU Student Manjit Toor (right)

KPU Students Politics Mentor Program

Rumeet Singh (left) and Liberal MP, Sukh Dhaliwal (right)

Kerry Lynne Findlay 

Political Mentorship Volunteer with Kerry Lynn Findlay, Federal MP

South Surrey - White Rock (B.C.)

Jemma Heathcote

Jemma Heathcote (left) and Kendra Sandhu (right) 

"During my time working in the office of a Member of Parliament, I have gotten a taste of the life of a politician. I help write letters, answer phone calls, and have even sat in on meetings."

- Jemma Heathcote, KPU Political Science Student

Hedy Fry and Verre Morshed

Hedy Fry, MP (right), and KPU Student Verre Morshed (left)

March 28 2022 Statements Megan Dykeman - YouTube

The Legislative Assembly of British Columbia 3rd Session 42nd Parliament

Megan Dykeman

MLA: Megan Dykeman

Political Mentorship Volunteer with Megan Dykeman, Provincial MLA - Elected 2020

Ty Hudson

Ty Hutson (left) and Megan Dykeman (right)

"The volunteer placement gave me real world and practical experience inside politics. Volunteering gave me a much better understanding of the inner workings and the strategy of the local political parties, and how those strategies turn into policy."

- Ty Huston, KPU Political Science Student

KPU Students Politics Mentor Program

MLA Megan Dykeman (left), Langley East. Premier John Hogan (mid-left), Students Mikaela Sorillo (mid-right) and Emilio Saenz-Saldana (right).

"Volunteering for MLA Megan Dykeman has been an amazing experience, all the work I have been doing in the office feels like it has a real impact in my community. Going down to Victoria was a blast, we had a tour of the Legislature from Keith Baldrey and had a sit-down with Premier in his office. This has been an amazing opportunity that will open many doors for me going forward." - KPU Student, Emilio Saenz-Saldana 

"During my time volunteering in MLA Megan Dykeman's office I've learned a lot about what a local M.P office does. Not only that, but it also has given me an insight into what a local MLA does, how their office run, and what they overlook. On Monday 28th of March, I'm going to be visiting their office in Victoria and will be given a tour by MLA Megan Dykeman herself in her office in Victoria. The main thing that I've learned from volunteering for an MLA's office is how people don't know the difference between provincial and federal matters. People think that a small local MP is able to oversee federal matters, when in fact there's nothing a small MLA office can do. I enjoy and am learning a lot during my time volunteering with MLA  Megan Dykeman, as well with her other MLA office members."

- KPU Student, Mikaela Sorillo participant in Student Mentor Program