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This year we’re working with the BC Fruit Growers Association to unpack and assess issues impacting the viability of smaller scale orchard operations. As we tell the students, the Lab is more than an academic exercise as the outcomes help inform policy work in community and support the ISFS overarching research agenda. The 2017 Agricultural Land Reserve white paper was used in provincial consultations when the ALR received a policy overhaul in 2018. The 2019 policy lab deliverables have been provided to our local government partners in the Okanagan to inform ongoing food policy work. Anyway, all to say that we’ve been fortunate to provide a fairly impactful research opportunity for students and we’re keen to connect with bright and enthusiastic policy students. As we discussed, the ISFS has received funding for 3 consecutive Labs from 2022 – 2024 and there could some good synergies between the ISFS and the Policy Studies department.

2017 Policy Lab: Policy Precedents to Increase the Agricultural Use of British Columbia's Farmland

2019 Policy Lab: Food Policy Assessment in the Okanagan Bioregion

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