Future Course Offerings

Course Plan: Summer 2024 - Summer 2025

Political Science courses run throughout the year. To learn more, see the courses descriptions in the calendar.

Please refer to Register for Classes for published course schedules. The list below remains tentative until the official schedule is released. The course delivery mode may be subject to change.

Course NumberCourse Name Summer 2024Fall 2024Spring 2025Summer 2025
POLI 1110Ideology and PoliticsXXXX
POLI 1120Canadian Government and PoliticsXXXX
POLI 1125Introduction to Political Science XX 
POLI 1145 Introduction to Comparative Government and PoliticsXX X
POLI 1150 Introduction to International RelationsXXXX
POLI 2100Sustainability and Government  X 
POLI 2121 Law and Politics: The Charter of Rights and FreedomsX   
POLI 2122Political Leadership: The Prime Ministers of Canada  X 
POLI 2131 European Integration    
POLI 2140 Comparative Politics of Asia    
POLI 2150 States, Markets, Globalization: International Political Economy  X 
POLI 2155 War, Crime, and Violence: Contemporary Political Conflict X  
POLI 3100 American Government and Politics X  
POLI 3122 Canadian Foreign Policy   X
POLI 3125 Visions of Nationhood: Canada, Quebec, and First Nations X  
POLI 3146 Government and Politics of IndiaX   
POLI 3131 Continental Integration X  
POLI 3500 Public Debates in Politics  X 
POLI 3170 International Peacekeeping X  
POLI 4120 Indigenous Peoples in Canada: Politics and Policy X  
POLI 4125 The Politics of Multiculturalism in Canada X  
POLI 4190 Selected Topics in Canadian Politics   X
POLI 4420Issues in Public Policy and Administration  X 
POLI 4335 The Politics of Radical IslamismX   
POLI 4500 Model United Nations  X