Some Useful Websites

Canadian Politics:

Caledon Institute of Social Policy:

Canada Watch: Contains papers from conferences, and various essays in PDF and HTML format.

Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives:

C.D. Howe Institute: Follow the 'Publications' link.

Centre for Research and Information on Canada (CRIC): Concentrate on the 'CRIC Research' section and especially the 'Published Articles' link. Not everything on this site is a legitimate 'academic' source.

Environics Research Group: Some up-to-date public opinion surveys.

Institute for Research on Public Policy (IRRP) Click on the 'publications' link for a variety of promising downloads.

Institute of Intergovernmental Relations at Queen's University (IIGR):

McGill Institute for the Study of Canada:

International Politics:

Coming soon!

Some Useful Journals

Below is a list of some academic journals used by political scientists. Most of these are available in the Kwantlen Library, either in hard copy or electronic editions, which can accessed through the 'Journal Titles' link on the KPU Library homepage.

Annual Review of Political Science
American Review of Canadian Studies
American Political Science Review
Brown Journal of World Affairs
Canadian Diversity
Canadian Issues
Canadian Foreign Policy
Canadian Forum
Canadian Journal of Political Science
Canadian Journal of Law and Jurisprudence
Canadian Public Administration
Canadian Public Policy
Canadian Review of Studies in Nationalism
Citizenship Studies
Constitutional Forum
Ethics and International Affairs
Foreign Affairs
Government and Opposition
International Feminist Journal of Politics
International Journal
International Studies Quarterly
Journal of Canadian Studies
Journal of Democracy
Journal of Political Ecology
Journal of Political Ideologies
Journal of Political Philosophy
Nations and Nationalism
New Political Economy
Philosophy and Public Affairs
Policy Options
Political Science Quarterly
Political Studies
Political Studies Review
Political Theory
Publius: The Journal of Federalism
Queen's Quarterly
Review of International Affairs
Social Philosophy and Policy
Review of Politics
Social Politics
Studies in Political Economy