Shinder Purewal

BA (SFU), MA (SFU), PhD (Queen's University)
Shinder Purewal
Surrey Office: Fir 245
Surrey Campus: 604-729-4592

Shinder came to Kwantlen as an ESL student a week after his landing in Canada in 1979. After graduating from the Princess Margret Senior Secondary, he joined Kwantlen as an undergraduate student in College's first year of separation from Douglas College in 1981. He went on to finish his BA and MA from SFU and obtained his PhD from the Queen's in Kingston, ON. In 2001, he joined KPU as a full-time faculty in political science. A community activist, who has served on various community boards and editorial boards including peer-reviewed journals like Understanding Sikhism, Journal of Punjab Politics, and International Journal of Punjabi literature. He is the author of Sikh Ethnonationalism (Oxford University Press) and Tandoori Democracy along with numerous journal article. In addition, Shinder has served as a Citizenship Judge of British Columbia and Yukon region. 

Scholarly Work

  • Publications
  • Tandoori Democracy: Campaign 2012 for Punjab Assembly. New Delhi: Gyan Publishing.
  • Sikh Ethnonationalism and the Political Economy of Punjab. New Delhi, New York: Oxford University Press.
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