UCN Denmark Global Learning Experience 2023

Program Details

This is a short term student driven summer program experience in which students work with the University College of Northern Denmark faculty liaison to develop an international learning experience based on student interest. Areas students have the opportunity to explore include dementia care, mental health, health promotion across the lifespan and maternal-child health and wellness. 


Students will have the opportunity to visit University College of Northern Denmark campuses in Aalborg and possibly Hjorring and interact with Danish nursing students.  Students will be involved in activities and learning experiences based on their learning plan. There is an opportunity for nursing students to shadow Danish RN’s in an acute care setting. There will be free time on weekends for students to explore the history and culture of Denmark.


University College of Northern Denmark
Aalborg and Hjørring, Denmark

Covid & Insurance

Currently we are still in the midst of a global COVID-19 pandemic, where there are various health measures in place depending on the country and region. It is the responsibility of each participant to read and understand the current policies, entry requirements, and restrictions for international travel to Denmark and back. 

Students will need to independently purchase travel insurance that covers COVID-19 and provide this prior to departure. 

Dates & Itinerary

Monday May 8 - Friday May 19, 2023 *Students are expected to arrive before May 8 and arrange their own plans after May 19.  

  • May 8 Monday 9.00am Welcome at UCN Campus Hjørring / ULN Introduction to the Danish healthcare system and nursing education
  • May 9-19 Visit welfare institutes, hospitals, psychiatric wards, and do cultural visits of the University, Northern Denmark, and Copenhagen
  • Weekends are free


  1. There is no program fee as this is through a partnership agreement.
  2. Accommodation costs are around $100 CA for the 2 weeks for each student in the hospital in Hjørring. This does not include dates before and after the experience or extra trips away.
    1. If students want to stay elsewhere they need to arrange and pay for their own accommodation with Airbnb or in a hostel/hotel. This will be more expensive. 
  3. For commitment to the program we do ask for a cheque of $250 as a deposit at the time of offer.
    1. The $250 will be refundable upon completion of the program abroad and is to secure your place in the program.
    2. The deposit will be used as a contingency fund. 
    3. *Should a participant decide to withdraw from the program after confirmation of acceptance to the program, s/he will forfeit the deposit and this money will remain in the contingency Fund. 
    4. Payment of academic fees, due dates, withdrawal charges, refund policies, and associated policies for academic fees are set as per the university calendar.
    5. Please note that should a decision be made by KPU to cancel the program due to low enrollment or other academic/risk issues, participants will be entitled to a full rebate of the deposit.

NOTE 1: Costs may vary and are subject to change. 

NOTE 2:Flights and transportation to and from the location need to be booked independently. Cost for the flights, transportation, independent trips, and personal expenses should be budgeted for. 

Scholarships and fundraising opportunities

Both scholarships and fundraising opportunities to help students pay for the Global Learning Experience are available.

  1. Click here for information on scholarships and other financial assistance options.
    1. Go here for the BC Scholarship Society application
    2. Go here for the Guard.me International Fund
    3. Go here for the Access to Global Learning Fund


Pre-requisites as follows:

Students will need to be enrolled in one of the following KPU Faculty of Health programs:

  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Advanced Entry
  • Bachelor of Psychiatric Nursing

How to apply

  1. Complete this Study Abroad Expression of Interest Webform if you are interested to apply by February 15th.

  2. Unofficial transcript. Go here for a youtube tutorial on how to find and save your KPU transcript as a pdf. 

  3. Complete this 

  4. Have 1 Faculty Reference Form completed by the chair of your program/KPU professor (preferably Corrie Nichols). Kindly ask that the reference be sent before Feb 27th to internationalprograms@kpu.ca*If you are applying for scholarships please have a 2nd reference submitted 

  5. Provide a cheque of $250.00 CA at the time of offer to "Kwantlen Polytechnic University" for the "Study Abroad UCN Denmark Nursing Global Learning Deposit". Have your name and student number on it. 

    1. Bring the cheque to KPU's Surrey International Office in Cedar building, and inform Sarah Burn at internationalprograms@kpu.ca . Best to come during office hours (between 9-4) on Tuesday Feb 28th. 

    2. *The $250 will be refundable upon completion of the program abroad and is to secure your place in the program.

Application Deadline 

February 27th all application documents must be received by email to internationalprograms@kpu.ca. Please complete the documents digitally. The cheque of $250.00 CA is due by 3pm on Tuesday Feb 28th to KPU's Surrey International Office. Please email if you have questions and when you may come to drop off the deposit.  

Accepted students will be notified in the first week of March of their status, and then nominated and supported to move forward for the program.

Please contact internationalprograms@kpu.ca if you have questions and want more information

Contact Information

KPU International

Sarah Burn (Study Abroad Coordinator) internationalprograms@kpu.ca

Faculty of Health

Corrie Nichols (BSN-AE Program Chair) corrie.nichols@kpu.ca


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