COVID-19 Signage Templates & Requests

COVID Main Image

Please see below for KPU's COVID-19 signage templates. To ensure consistency across the University, KPU employees should:

  • submit an ePrint Supply Request Form for Posted Signage - under "Brochures" (link here)
  • submit a Decal Request Form for Floor Decals (link here)

Posted Signage

Signage ID Description or Message Download
A1 Stay Home If You Are Sick Link
A2 Please Stay 2 Metres Away From Others Link
B1 Physical Distancing Is Mandatory Link
K1 (8.5"x11") Proper Handwashing Instructions Link
K1 (11"x17") Proper Handwashing Instructions Link
K2 Please Sanitize Shared Equipment After Use Link
Note: To minimize damage to walls and glue residue left behind, please use wall-safe tape to post above signage (i.e: Scotch Wall-Safe Tape)