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Employee Room Booking

Room Booking

Note: The use of the institution by employees engaged in activities outside the scope of their employment, constitutes as use by an external group and will be subjected to rental fees.

How to Submit an Event Request?

To successfully submit an event request at KPU, please follow these steps: Use this link if you want to check ASTRA first (Link to ASTRA)

  1. Access the Event Request and Space Booking Site home page in SharePoint.
  2. To enter a new event request or review progress on event requests already submitted go to the "My Requests"  link in the Left Hand panel of the home page 
  3. To start a new request click on "New Item" located under the Request Form title
  4. Various setup configuration are available on the Event Request and Space Booking Site in the left hand panel under "Resources"
  5. Click on  "Instructions for submitting an event or space request" for a more detailed explanation of the various fields in the Event Request Form

How to Revise My Event Request?

  • Retrieve the booking’s Astra reservation number found in the "Status" portion of your request 
  • Check room availabilities in Astra to ensure space is available
  • Email the following to
    • Reservation number
    • Revision details (i.e. date, time, room, etc.)

What do I do if I'm asked to Approve an Event Request?

  • If you are required to approve an event request you will receive an email with a link. Click on the link. 
  • The link will take you into a browser where you can review the event request that you are being asked to approve.
  • After reviewing the request you can either choose  "Approve" or "Not Approved"
  • Once your selection is complete hit "SAVE" in the top left corner of the browser. 

How Far in Advance Can I submit an Event Request?

  • Meeting rooms, conference centres and public spaces are bookable up to one year in advance
  • Classrooms are bookable only after Scheduling and Continuing & Professional Studies have completed their room assignments for each semester: typically late March (for Summer), late July (for Fall), late November (for Spring)
  • For further details on Roomrent procedures, please see Room Booking Procedures

Need Support for Your Meeting or Event?

  • To enter or alter a setup for an event already submitted send an email to and quote your Astra reservation number and event title in the subject line.
  • IT / AV equipment & support can be requested through the Event Request Form when submitting your request. If your request has already been submitted then email IT at
  • For catering needs, contact Sodexo or KSA Grassroots Lounge Cafe
  • For room booking inquiries, email