Employee Room Booking

Room Booking


Note: The use of the institution by employees engaged in activities outside the scope of their employment, constitutes as use by an external group and will be subjected to rental fees.

How to Submit an Event Request?

To successfully submit an event request at KPU, please follow these steps: Use this link if you want to check ASTRA first (Link to ASTRA)

  1. Access Event Support and Logistics / Space Booking through the KPU Service Portal / TDx.
  2. Check room availabilities in Astra to ensure space is available
  3. To enter a new event request choose the red Facilities Services button and the Event Support and Logistics Space Booking category.
  4. IT / AV equipment & support can be requested through the Event Setup Form when submitting your request. If your request has already been submitted then email IT at ServiceDesk@kpu.ca
    1. If, after you have submitted your request, you realize you forgot to request IT support:
  • create a .pdf copy of your ticket (you can do this by viewing your ticket in TDx and "printing" it to PDF),
  • email the .pdf copy to the IT ServiceDesk along with your IT support requirements.

How to Revise My Event Request?

  • From the KPU Service Portal (TDx) click on "Services" and then click on "Ticket Requests" in the grey bar at the top of the page.
  • You can add a comment to the ticket requesting the changes you need -- please ensure this is done no later than two weeks before an event. If you require changes after this two week period please phone and discuss with Facilities.
  • NOTE: Changes submitted through the "comments" section on tickets are not automatically being sent to IT. So, for IT requests and revisions please note item 4 above.

How Far in Advance Can I submit an Event Request?

  • Meeting rooms, conference centres and public spaces are bookable up to one year in advance
  • Classrooms are bookable only after Scheduling and Continuing & Professional Studies have completed their room assignments for each semester: typically late March (for Summer), late July (for Fall), late November (for Spring)