Campus Operations: Key Control

Facilities Department Practice:

In this context, keys refers to all mechanical keys, key pads, card access systems, and other electronic access systems. Desks, cabinets, lockers, and other lockable furniture components are not included in this procedure.

Grand Master Keys
A key that provides access to all areas of the campus, generally either an Exterior Grand master for all exterior areas and an Interior Grand Master for interior areas.

Departmental Master Keys
A key that provides access to department specifically controlled spaces (eg. common office areas or multiple service rooms or labs related to a specific department function)



1.     To ensure the safety and security of Kwantlen personnel, resources, equipment, and operations while ensuring that the needs of its community user groups are met by having appropriate access

2.     To balance the needs for security and access by users, Kwantlen will centralize control and distribution of keys, and record keeping and ensure issuance authorities and processes are in place.

Key Control
1.     To maintain the security of University facilities, the issuance and recall of keys to all exterior and interior doors is controlled by the Facilities Department. This procedure pertains specifically to access doors, gates, roller shutters, and security grills. Furniture systems and specialty equipment are excluded.

2.     Keys are issued to those individuals requiring regular access to University buildings and/or offices. Keys will only be issued to an individual and as authorized by their immediate Deans, Directors, or designate. Keys are not transferable within a department if staff changes occur.

3.     All keys, access cards, and code access hardware are the property of the University; unauthorized copying of keys or changing of door hardware will not be permitted.

4.     The Executive Director, Facilities or designate will maintain control and distribution of all keys and will maintain current and retrievable records of all key codes, keys issued, and individuals in possession of keys.

5.     Specialty access hardware may be requested by departments with specialized space at their cost and with the expressed approval Director, Facilities. All specialty hardware must have building master key overrides to allow access for emergency responders and authorized operations personnel.

6.     Grand Master keys and access is granted to authorized contractors and emergency responders for the purposes of maintaining normal and safe operations at the university. Contract terms with these companies will ensure full costs to rekey and restore security are the company’s responsibility if issued keys are lost or stolen. Issuance of Grand Master keys is under the expressed permission, Executive Director Facilities or designate.

7.     Keys are to be returned to the Facilities department.

8.     All lost or stolen keys must be reported immediately to campus security who will in turn immediately notify Facilities.

Key Issuance: Offices, Labs, Shops and General Department areas
To obtain a door key to your office or your normal work area:

1.     Have your immediate Deans, Directors, or designate notify Facilities of the areas you are authorized to access. All requests for keys must include the name and position of requester and rooms for authorized access.

2.     Keys confirmed for approval by the Manager, Facilities Operations or designate are retrieved from Facilities (for the Surrey campus) or from the Facilities Supervisors (for Richmond, Cloverdale, or Langley campuses). An email confirming approval and the location for pick up will be sent to the employee requesting.

3.     The Manager, Facilities Operations will maintain a record of all door keys in circulation including keys issued and keys returned.

4.     Exterior door keys are issued to those departments that have exterior training facilities and work compounds (eg. Trades, Horticulture). Departments with exterior door access are expected to follow the universities operating hours. (see Procedure F.7, Campus Hours of Operation)

Key Issuance, Exterior Doors After Hours.
The issuance of keys and appropriate security code numbers is strictly limited to those employees and external contractors who regularly require access to University facilities after normal operating hours (see Policy No.F.7 Campus Operations: Normal Operating Hours

To requisition an external door key that may require security code access:

1.    Provide your immediate administrative supervisor with a brief rationale for your key requirement.

2.    The immediate supervisor will assess your key requirement in consultation with the Manager, Facilities Operations.

3.    The Manager, Facilities Operations will confirm need and approval and provide the requisitioned with the appropriate key, security code I.D. number, and procedures for entrance/exit when an electronic security system is operational.

Personnel Authorized to be Issued Master Keys

1.     Grand Master

Vice Presidents
Director of Facilities
Facilities Managers
Facilities Staff
Contract Cleaners
Fire Department
Security Contractor
Information Systems & Computing lock box

2.     Departmental Master

Departmental employees, as approved by their Dean/Director


Facilities Departmental Practice
Campus Operations: Normal Operating Hours