Lab Software

IT provides Lab Software service for instructional labs, eClassrooms, open labs and library OPACs. Delivery of this service is dependant on the Computer Imaging and Deployment pre-service.

Software installation requests for these areas must be submitted six (6) weeks before the start of the semester to allow for testing and installation. Submissions received after the deadline will be considered on an exception only basis. Considerations will be based on urgency (as related to program requirements), funding and availability of resources.

Faculty who request new software must participate in the testing phase of the software implementation cycle to ensure that the software is configured correctly and all necessary add-ins are present before the software is made available in the labs. Faculty participation in this process is essential to ensuring that the software made available meets the needs of the faculty and students who use it.

In an effort to maintain a stable lab environment, there will be no new software installations in the computer labs during a semester. In the Windows desktop environment, the introduction of new software or changes often has unpredictable effects on other software already installed.

Software is assigned to the labs on an as needed basis. Software which is already tested and available can be moved from lab to lab without significant delay. This can only be done in accordance with licensing agreements. Requests to have software made available from one lab to another should be made to the IT service desk.

Open the Lab Software Request Form


This service is available to Kwantlen Polytechnic University faculty upon authorized request.

IT Responsibilities

  • Provide time and access for Faculty to test requested software.
  • Design systems that will enhance technology services to students and employees.
  • Maintain existing systems in good operating condition.
  • Ensure correct software licensing arrangements.
  • Provide support in the use of strategic applications software.
  • Record related inquiries and assign each a unique tracking number.
  • Assign all inquiries a service priority.

Customer Responsibilities

  • Report any problems or requests relating to this service to the IT service desk
    by web: IT Self Service
    by email:
    by phone: 604.599.2116 option 3
  • Ensure that the username & password information is kept private.
  • Become familiar with how to correctly use this service.
  • Review and track the status of submitted requests by logging into the IT Self Service.
  • Arrange funding for any specialized software requests.
  • Follow Kwantlen Capital Request procedures within the specified timelines.

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IT Service Desk @ 604.599.2116
Location: 1st Floor, Arbutus Building, Surrey Campus