Supported Technologies

Technology plays an important role in shaping our learning environments. The Teaching and Learning Commons collaboratively works with faculty and instructional staff to provide effective and useful technology tools to support your learners. Below is a list of (A-Z) tools the Learning Technology team supports.


Camtasia is an easy-to-use video recorder and screencasting desktop software that also supports video editing with a simple user interface. Instructors can choose the area of screen to record and easily add in audio and multimedia to create engaging educational videos. Currently, Camtasia is only available to faculty and instructional staff on a KPU-issued device.

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Conferencing Tools

There are three conferencing options available for faculty and students to use for virtual classes, office hours, and group interactions. Each of these provides unique features listed below, allowing you to select the best tool for you, your students and your learning outcomes. The tools available for video conferencing are BigBlueButton, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom.

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H5P makes it easy to create, share and reuse HTML5 content and applications. H5P is now integrated as a tool accessible in Moodle and WordPress.


Hypothesis is a collaborative annotation tool that aims to increase student engagement, expand reading comprehension, and build critcial-thinking. It's available as a plugin in WordPress and will be soon coming to Moodle.

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iPad provides educators with apps and tools to enhance learning experiences. In partnership with the library, you will be able to borrow one for the semester to assist your teaching needs.


Kaltura is a video management platform for instructors and students to record and share video content. Media is an excellent way to build engagement and share content. It is fully integrated with our LMS (Moodle) and also as a standalone video portal (on It includes Kaltura Capture (a basic video recorder), quiz functionalities for assessments and reflection, and built-in analytics to measure engagement.

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Mattermost is an open-source communication tool that facilitates collaboration by using chat, group messaging, file sharing and advanced searching capability. It is an excellent Slack alternative to connect between learners and instructors.

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Moodle is KPU's primary learning management system that can be used to support face-to-face classes in addition to digital learning environments offered partially or fully online. In Moodle, instructors can share course content, engage students with discussion forums, manage assignments and quizzes, as well as grading.

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Padlet is an intuitive online collaboration tool allowing you and yours students to post text, images, gifs, videos and more in a shared space.


PebblePad is a learning journey platform that helps students collect evidence of their learning and reflect on their experiences to prepare them to articulate what they know and how they know it.


Poodll is a plugin that provides accessibility in Moodle (i.e. voice-to-text, text-to-speech, audio forums, and audio feedback).

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Pressbooks is an online platform that enables the creation, design, and publication of books. At KPU we use Pressbooks to publish Open Educational Resources (OER).

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Respondus is a tool for creating and managing exams that can be printed to paper or published directly to Moodle.

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WordPress is an online and open-source platform creation tool that powers 34% of the Internet (, 2019). It is especially popular as a platform used for blogging, but has a variety of uses (i.e. creating open/reusable materials and assignments, e-portfolio showcase, websites, and even the underlying of Open textbooks (Pressbooks) is built using WordPress.

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