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PebblePad is a learning journey platform that helps students collect evidence of their learning and reflect on their experiences to prepare them to articulate what they know and how they know it.


We are excited to announce this new ePortfolio tool, available from Fall 2020. We encourage the use of technology that supports effective pedagogy and PebblePad helps students to articulate what they know, how they know it, and to share evidence from their work across their programs of study. PebblePad is well-designed and easy-to-use as you will find from the student testimonials below.

The advanced features in PebblePad allow you to guide students to make sense of what they are learning. Check out this brief overview video from PebblePad to learn more.

Learn about how PebblePad fits into KPU's Academic Plan 2023 in the video below.


ePortfolios are among a set of high impact post-secondary practices promoted by the American Association of Colleges and Universities. They may be used for curricular, co-curricular, or experiential learning, for prior learning assessment, and as a means to create authentic and meaningful assessments of learning with and for students. Our recorded webinar ePortfolios Explained outlines this important practice. 

How do I get started?

Create an account at Login with Banner number and password.

As you begin to explore PebblePad and build your first portfolio, please note this is a phased implementation. We encourage you to use the creative suite of tools but please wait to share your creations with others until we provide guidance on how to best “share” within our installation. We are still setting up these elements and “sharing” prematurely can create future account creation issues. If you are planning to use PebblePad with others (Faculty/students)  please log a request in the IT SERVICE PORTAL so we can assist you with your implementation. 


In Spring (2021), PebblePad is offering a 2021 Winter Coast to Coast (C2C) series. A 30-minute training session with new topics every Wednesdays at 9AM PST. The context is especially beneficial for new users/faculty/admins and those who want to refresh their key skills in PebblePad. See topics below.

Join the session on Zoom here. All sessions will be recorded and posted here.

Topics for the next 8 weeks:

January 13th Folio Thinking

January 20th

Online Learning Best Practices identified by our users
January 27th Everything you wanted to know about assets and resources
February 10th Portfolio building tips and tricks
February 17th Multimedia Embedding - Innovative external tools used in PebblePad
February 24th Best practices in sharing your assets and resources
March 3rd Building templates from scratch: tips and tricks
March 10th Maximizing PebblePocket