PebblePad Showcase & Testimonials

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Natasha Mehay

This semester was the first time I was assigned to complete an ePortfolio for two classes, where I had to use two different online platforms; Mahara and PebblePad. I found PebblePad to be easier to maneuver through and set up. It was visually more appealing than the ePortfolio I designed using Mahara. I think PebblePad is more up to date and does not require a “boot camp” to figure out, unlike Mahara insists, which is why I am glad we are switching to this platform.

Christie Reddy

PebblePad is extremely user friendly and provides a lot of freedom in customizing pages with how you envision. This was a feature I found to be lacking within Mahara. It took me no time at all to figure out how to use Pebble Pad in comparison to Mahara, which I found to be a significant advantage. As students time management is really important, so spending less time on attending learning sessions, trouble shooting with KPU IT representatives, and trying to figure out where tabs are located is truly beneficial. The new platform allows students to express their work in a more creative and seamless format.

Monica Affleck (Faculty)

I have re-written the ePortfolio assignment in conjunction with the new platform and am happy with the outcome. There is less content and more choice given to students on what key learnings to include in the assignment which encourages greater reflection.

Anonymous Student

I found PebblePad to be a lot more user friendly. I didn't need to go through a "bootcamp" to figure out how to use it like Mahara.

Student Examples

Natasha Mehay

Student example - Natasha Mehay

Christie Reddy

Student example - Christie Reddy

Sukh Dhaliwal

Student example - SUkh Dhaliwal