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Kaltura is a video management platform for instructors and students to record and share video content. Media is an excellent way to build engagement and share content. It is fully integrated with our LMS (Moodle) and also as a standalone video portal (on


Kaltura allows instructors to create, upload, manage, publish, and deliver high-quality asynchornous video and share it with their students. Students will be able to create and submit video assignments, contribute to a course media gallery, and receive audio or video feedback on their work. By using Kaltura Capture (its recording tool), both staff and students are able to make easy recordings directly from their computers, easily upload and share content in their Moodle course sites. Kaltura also assures optimal video playback on all modern (computer, phone, tablet) devices.

All media files stored in Kaltura will be secured and 100% FIPPA compliant.

Interested in learning more about how to use video and Kaltura in your course? Learn more from our past recorded webinar series on how to get started.


With the use of Kaltura as the media/video platform, media files no longer need to be stored in Moodle, it will be easier for instructors to manage their backup and restore each semester.

If you are thinking of recording your video introductions, lessons, or demos and delivering these videos to your students so they can watch them anytime, you've come to the right place! Learn why this might be a good idea from this blog "Videoconferencing Alternatives: How Low-Bandwidth Teaching Will Save Us All" (Standford, 2020).

Learn about new changes coming to Kaltura this Spring (2021) that will enhance your use of media even more.