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WordPress is an online and open-source platform creation tool that powers 34% of the Internet (, 2019). It is especially popular as a platform used for blogging, but has a variety of uses (i.e. creating open/reusable materials and assignments, e-portfolio showcase, websites, and even the underlying of Open textbooks (Pressbooks) is built using WordPress.


We began adopting the use of WordPress in Fall 2019. While WordPress is an open platform and can be signed up outside of KPU, there was an opportunity to create community and reusable content easily without worrying about the setup or the cost of hosting a WordPress site.

In higher ed, WordPress is highly effective in facilitating open learning experiences. Students often become creators or co-creators and publishers of content, rather than passively receiving instructions. WordPress also incorporates the following skills of a 21st century learner: collaborative learning, practice-based learning, open pedagogy, critical digital pedagogy, and heutagogy (Learning Technology Ecosystem).

Are you curious about the possibilities WordPress may bring to your teaching and learning environment? Learn more on how to get your own WordPress site. If you are not convinced yet, click to find out some use cases we've put together by fellow colleagues.


Before starting a site, you may want to check out some use cases we've put together.

You may also want to check out this WordPress Essentials training and WordPress for Education on LinkedIn Learning. This will give you a good grasp of WordPress and how to get started. The WordPress for Education course details strategies for using WordPress effectively with your students in a digital environment.