Zoom is a web conferencing tool that has been procured for both teaching and learning environments and student-to-student collaborations.


We are excited to announce Zoom web conferencing tool will be available to faculty and students on Nov 2nd, 2020. We encourage the use of Zoom specifically for teaching and learning environments and student collaboration. KPU's Zoom installation is provided with Canadian data residency. Please do not use other installation with your students as they will not be FIPPA compliant.


KPU offers 3 options for instructors and students synchronous activities. BigBlueButton is embedded in the Moodle Learning Management System and offers the unique feature of shared note taking. Zoom allows student accounts for them to independently organize their collaborative work. It also has the unique feature of shared annotation during a session. Both platforms facilitate breakout rooms for ideal simulation of classroom-based activities. Microsoft Teams does not integrate student and faculty accounts in a single server, and does not have a breakout room option. It is ideal for individual or small group appointments organized by the instructor or large group sessions that may involve guests from outside of KPU. If you are unsure of which platform is best for your teaching purposes, contact us at tlcommons@kpu.ca.


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