Padlet is a digital and versatile collaborative bulletin board that can be shared within your class as an extension of your classroom to boost participation and engagement with your students. Padlet provides a space to upload and share media, comments, files and much more in real-time to accommodate a number of different activity types.

From discussion boards, reflectional activities, brainstorms, surveys and so much more, Padlet provides you with a live space to engage with your students with many different types of activities. Learn more about Padlet and what it can do by watching the Padlet Overview video below.


Use Cases

Use the diagram below to learn more about Padlet use cases. Click on the + sign for templates and examples.



Note that Padlet is an external platform to KPU. Privacy guidelines for use of this software have been prepared by the privacy office and should be reviewed prior to use. Please review the recommendations for use of Padlet to ensure you are using this tool safely with your students.

How do I get started?

KPU faculty have been provided with a Padlet license. To log in, simply access KPU’s installation of Padlet here: and use the “Continue with Microsoft” option to log in using your KPU email. For more information, please see our guide for accessing Padlet as an instructor.

Students can log into Padlet using their KPU email address through the same page linked above. If you have shared a Padlet board with them, it will appear on their dashboard for them to access. Please ensure you have reviewed and discussed the privacy recommendations posted above with your students before using Padlet for your class.

Looking for tips on how to start using Padlet? Please take a look at Padlet’s Quickstart Guide for help. More support and guides can be found on the T&L Knowledge base as well as Padlet’s own documentation.



Our knowledge base contains a collection of resources and documentation alongside links to Padlet’s own documentation to provide guidance for your usage of Padlet.

Guidelines for Use

Padlet is a platform external to KPU and data entered is not stored in Canada. Review the guidelines for use and compliance requirements before utilizing Padlet.

How to sign into Padlet

KPU has its own unique URL to sign into Padlet with. You can use your KPU email address to log in. Follow the link below for instructions.

End of Semester Checklist & Key Settings

A resource on key settings to note when using Padlet and what to look out for at the end of a semester.