Camtasia is an easy-to-use video recorder and screencasting desktop software that also supports video editing with a simple user interface. Instructors can choose the area of screen to record and easily add in audio and multimedia to create engaging educational videos. Currently, Camtasia is only available to faculty and instructional staff on a KPU-issued device.


Camtasia is a video recorder and a video editor software that is installed on your desktop computer. Its simple user-interface allows for anyone to record and edit their videos with ease. By using Camtasia, instructors can easily piece together professional videos easily, add transitions, and titles. Creating more engaging videos at their fingertips.

At the moment, Camtasia is only available for instructors and instructional staff with KPU issued devices.


With the use of Camtasia, you can prepare many types of videos, including (but not limited to): video lessons; instructional videos; tutorials; how-to videos; training videos; walkthroughs; webinar recordings; explainer videos, etc.

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Getting started

Who can use Camtasia? Where can I find help? A resource put together to help you get started.


A collection of resources put together by Camtasia to help guide your journey in creating and editing videos.