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Hypothesis is a collaborative annotation tool that aims to increase student engagement, expand reading comprehension, and build critcial-thinking. It's available as a plugin in WordPress and is now integrated with Moodle.

Overview, integrated into WordPress and Moodle, is a powerful tool that enables collaborative annotation on web pages and digital documents. can be used to increase student engagement, expand reading comprehension, and build critical-thinking and community in classes. Collaborative annotation makes reading active, visible, and social, enabling students to engage with their texts, teachers, ideas, and each other in deeper, more meaningful ways. may be used to annotate documents privately, within a private group (e.g., learners enrolled in the same section of a course), or even publicly. These annotations may include multimedia, can include tags, and may even be exported for assessment or archival purposes.

Privacy Policy

Privacy guidelines for use of this software have been prepared by the privacy office and should be reviewed prior to use.
Please note this tool includes an optional Google Docs integration and therefore requires student consent prior to them being able to access the activity. Instructions for collection of this are provided here.


As you embark this journey with digital annotations, you can use to annotate course readings or discuss web pages collaboratively. Learn about how you use in the video below.

Source: University of Massachusetts Amherst. (2020, April 12). Hypothesis – Web Annotation Tool Overview [Video]. YouTube.