We will ask you to share information to help us plan accommodations and supports with you.

Please bring the following information and documentation to your First Meeting. If you are not sure what information might be important to share, we can talk about this in the First Meeting. 

Your Report

Please bring your knowledge about:

  • Your educational experiences
  • Accommodations you have used in the past 
  • Strategies and supports that you have tried before
  • Coursework and program requirements where you think you will need help
  • Specific requests for accommodations and services


Medical Reports

Please bring any relevant medical documentation such as:

  • Hard of Hearing: Audiologist
  • Low Vision: Ophthalmologist
  • Deaf or Blind: Doctor's Letter
  • Learning Disability: Psycho-educational Assessment
  • Mental Health: Psychiatrist's Report
  • Medical Conditions: Specialist's Report

This documentation should include information about the nature of your disability, the impact it has in an adult learning environment, and recommendations for accommodations and services.
You can use StudentAidBC's Appendix 8 Verification of Permanent Disability Form to access this information from the doctor, psychologist, or specialist you are seeing.

Educational Reports

Please bring any relevant educational documentation from high school or previous post-secondary studies such as:

  • Psycho-educational assessments
  • Other educational assessments
  • Individual Education Plans
  • Previous accommodation plans or letters