Field Schools 2023

KPU International offers Field School programs that can take you to places all around the world!  

Field Schools are amazing opportunities that involve you travelling with a group of fellow students to another country and then studying a topic there in depth. It's also a great chance to see if you'd like to take part in longer exchange programs! When you're in a Field School, you study outside of the traditional classroom setting with a group of other students. Beyond academic training, it's also a chance for you to receive hands-on experience in another culture and/or environment.

Your Field School adventure starts with you attending classes at KPU with your fellow students/adventurers and an instructor. After that, you will fly up, up and away, travelling abroad to continue your education in the field and acquiring new and exciting stories to tell all of your friends! Click below to learn more!

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Paris: Fine Arts Field School 2023

Visit Paris, France and study the modern and contemporary development of Paris as an urban space in tandem with key historical flashpoints in the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries connected to French art and visual culture. Travel and explore world class art museums, galleries, and landmarks while learning about the diversity of Paris through the lens of art history and contemporary studio practices working with the shared theme PARIS—FROM THE OUTSIDE IN.


New York: Fashion Field School 2023

New York is known as one of the fashion capitals of the world. In this fashion-focused New York Field School we will seek to further understand the history of the Manhattan garment district, how the city came to be recognized as a fashion capital, investigate the current thriving fashion scene, and reflect on the inspiration the city lends to current designers, artists, and more!


cartagena colombia

Design Field School 2023 - DESIGN in COLOMBIA: Bogota, Coffee Region & Cartagena

Bring to your studies renewed depth, purpose, and global awareness! Over the two weeks in Colombia you will visit significant cultural locations and design projects such as the Gold museum in Bogota historic center, the modern city of Medellin, examples of vibrant contemporary Colombian design, bamboo architecture of the coffee region, and the historic walled city by the sea Cartagena.


The Amazon Interdisciplinary Field School 2023

Visit Colombia's Amazon Rainforest and experience its rich biological and cultural diversity. After a cultural tour of Bogota, you will travel south to the Calanoa Natural Reserve where you will engage in creative activities, trek and canoe into the forest, and learn indigenous knowledge from local guides and shamans. To view information about the most recent field school, click here.



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