Operations: 5-Year Maintenance/Renovations Plan


Facilities Departmental Practice:




To provide for the systematic maintenance, repair and renovation of University facilities, and in accordance with Ministry Guidelines, the Facilities Department will annually develop a 5-year maintenance/renovation plan.

Annual Capital Expenditure Plan Submission and Review

The Executive Director, Facilities or designate will contact all Department Administrators and Facilities Management requesting recommendations regarding major maintenance/renovations projects for the subsequent five years. Requests are submitted on line as part of the annual request process.

The Executive Director, Facilities will develop budget estimates for all projects including projects identified by the Facilities Department.

The Executive Director, Facilities in consultation with the Executive and Facilities Management  will prioritize the projects identified for the next fiscal year using the following criteria:

a.           maintain the integrity of the physical plant (renewal of campus service, utility, buildings infrastructures)

b.          safety and security;

c.           space required for additional educational offering and/or staff;

d.          increased operating efficiency;

e.           improved working environment;

f.           visual appearance.

The Executive Director, Facilities will include the prioritized projects in the Facilities annual expenditure capital plan request, identifying those projects that may receive Minor Capital funding from the Ministry.

The 5-Year Maintenance/Renovation Plan will be reviewed annually to add new projects, prioritize, and add a new fifth year.

Approved Projects

  1. Approved projects funded through operating funds or minor capital funds will be scheduled by the Executive Director, Facilities and generally be undertaken during the months of May through to August.
  2. Upon project approval and confirmation of funding, The Executive Director Facilities will liaise with the requesting department Administrative head to confirm the budget, scope of work, design development, and schedule for completion per the guidelines outlined in Facilities capital Project Development Stages
  3. Projects will be completed per the governments guidelines of minimum LEEDS gold standards and following the Design Guiding Principles developed and approved by the Executive
  4. Facilities will coordinate with Finance to set up the project budget and designated accounts and will maintain detailed records of expenditures as required for annual reporting to the government
  5. Project planning and budget scheduling is intended for annual planning cycles; projects which can not be predicted may be initiated mid-cycle as approved from the Executive.
  6. In order for the university to ensure all applicable industry standards/ by-laws, codes, and legislation is adhered to, Facilities will be consulted with and maintain full knowledge and control of the condition of the physical facilities at all times. The university will not permit employees or students to conduct construction, alterations, renovations or repairs without the consultation, approval, and over site of (including written authorization) of the Executive Director, Facilities.