Use of University Facilities by External Groups


Facilities Department Practice:


External users are categorized as;

Commercial Users

Any agency, organization, business or community group that is for profit or does not have a not-for-profit status.

Not-For-Profit Users

Any agency, organization or community group that has a not-for-profit status.

 1. The renter is to provide proof not-for-profit status, proof of liability insurance and supporting
documentation required for the rental agreement
2. A 25% discount will apply to accredited Not for Profit Users

System Partners

Any agency, organization or community group that has an ongoing working relationship
with Kwantlen Polytechnic University.

1. The Executive Director External Relations, at Kwantlen Polytechnic University confirms
that they meet the criteria as a System Partner for Kwantlen.
2. A 50% discount will apply to recognize System Partners.

Community Group

In this context, a community group is a loosely organized group and is neither a corporation nor a society.
They are not a legal entity and may not be able to secure insurance in their own name. If the community group
is a corporation or society, they must provide insurance.



As a public institution dedicated to community service, Kwantlen Polytechnic University facilities will be
accessible for use by external agencies, organizations or community groups, where the activity does not
interfere with the university’s ability to conduct its own business.

Coordination of external room is under the authority of the Executive Director, Facilities Services or designate with
coordination by the Director, Maintenance & Operations or designate.

General Conditions

  1. Facilities and resources and the property of the University may be available for rent to, or use by, external parties
    when there are no activities scheduled by the University for the time and location or resource requested. The use
    by the external party will not interfere with access to the University facilities or properties by faculty, staff or students
    of the University, and the rental or use of the property must be authorized by the University. Unauthorized use of the
    property or facilities of the University will be considered to be a trespass to University property
  2. The functions are consistent with the mission and goals of the University.
  3. Sale of Goods will not be permitted without the authorization of the University.
  4. The functions abide by the Rules and Conditions for Renters and the fee structure established by the University. As an educational enterprise, Kwantlen will supplement revenues by charging all external groups for use of the facilities. Rental fees may be waived for system partners and events sponsored by Kwantlen Polytechnic University.
  5.  Any group requiring catering must use the University’s Food Service Provider.
  6.  Kwantlen Polytechnic University reserves the right to refuse or cancel any booking where the requested bookings
    conflict with guidelines for room bookings or are in conflict with Kwantlen Polytechnic University's mission and goals.
    If a booking falls under a reason for refusal or cancellation cited under this clause, the Vice President, Finance and
    Administration should be consulted as to whether the event should be refused and the wording of the refusal.
  7. The use of University facilities by a business, external agency, organization or community group must be approved by the Coordinator: Conference Services and Room Bookings or his/her designate. Facilities rental agreements may be subject to approval and/or cancellation by the Vice President Finance and Administration.
  8.  The use of educational facilities by employees engaged in activities outside the scope of their employment constitutes
    use by an “external” user group and would be subject to the same conditions for rent of university facilities.

External Users Booking a Space

  1. All those wishing to rent University facilities are to make application for the use of University facilities by completing the
    Application to Rent Facilities form available on line.
  2.  All Room booking requests are reviewed by the Director, Maintenance & Operations or designate to ensure the event does
    not conflict with the mission and goals of the university, the event does not conflict with university business, any risks
    associated with the activity have been addressed, and appropriate approvals are in place.
  3. All those wishing to rent University facilities are to comply with the following Rules and Conditions for Renters:
    a. When an event booking is confirmed, a minimum deposit of 50% of the total cost may be required.
    b. The renter is to provide proof of liability insurance and supporting documentation required for the rental agreement.
    Community groups as defined in this procedure, who are not able to secure insurance being neither corporation or legal entity, must sign Kwantlen’s Occupancy Permit Application if the university decides to waive insurances.
    c. The renter is to pay rental and other charges upon receipt of the invoice. The renter may be required to pay the rental fee three working days in advance of the event.
    d. Ten (10) working days’ notice of cancellation is required by renters. The total rental fee is payable for any rental cancelled with less than nine(9) working days' notice. In addition, renters may be liable for extra charges if any employee must be paid for attendance because of lack of cancellation notice.
    e. Kwantlen Polytechnic University will provide the maximum possible notice in the event of building closure. Any fees paid will be refunded.
    f. The renter shall indemnify and hold harmless Kwantlen Polytechnic University and any of its officers, employees, servants, agents and contractors for any and all loss, liability, claims or expenses arising out of the use and/or occupation of the property belonging to the University by the renter and any of its officers, employees, servants, agents, contractors, and volunteers,
    except to the extent that such loss arises from the independent negligence of the University.
    g. The connection of electrical appliances for food preparation or other purposes is not permitted.
    h. Smoking is not permitted in University facilities.
    i. Pay parking is in effect. The renter is to provide supervision of parking, where necessary.
    j. The renter is to report any irregularity, equipment malfunction, misuse of property, or dissatisfaction to the Facilities
    Support Generalist on duty.
    k. All University, Municipal, Provincial, Federal regulations, by-laws, etc. are to be observed. Violations of these will
    result in appropriately required actions and may result in the barring of future use.


  1. The guidelines for room bookings will be available to all users on line.
  2. The Director, Maintenance & Operations or designate will maintain an active data base of all external users including; Commercial,
    Not-for-Profit, and System Partners; associated authorizing Administrators; total fees collected and waived.
  3. Room Booking procedures and Fee Schedules will be reviewed annually by the Director, Maintenance & Operations with recommendations for change submitted to the Executive Director, Facilities Services and Vice President Finance and Administration or designate for approval.


University Policies

* F.1 Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages and the Non-Medical Use of Drugs on University Premises

* F.6 Smoking on Campus

Facilities Departmental Practice
* Campus Hours of Operation