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Need to Knows

Full Term Dates
Term Fall Spring Summer
First Day of Classes September 7, 2021 Janurary 5, 2022 May 9, 2022

For details of the 2021/22 Academic Schedule, visit

For important term dates and deadlines visit

Note: Trades and vocational programs may start on dates that differ from the full term dates listed above. If you are unsure when your program begins, contact 604-599-2000 for details.

Within KPU’s Registration Guide you can access the Online Registration Application to browse classes, prepare for registration and plan your timetable for the term. Each course’s delivery format is indicated so you are aware of online and on campus requirements when you register.

Once you are registered, you can access your online courses through Moodle at: Or if you are a trade student at

Moodle is an learning management system that faculty can choose to use to augment their in-person course or host a blended or online course.  This is where you will login to find your courses and your course material, assignments and/or quizzes. You can access Moodle at:  or if you are a trade student at

You may also find that the learning center or other co-currricular programming uses Moodle, these courses are found at

For assistance in any of these spaces contact the IT service desk.


Asynchronous online learning is the educational term for everything that isn’t “live.” This means you can access the course material at any time online.

Synchronous online learning is the educational term for live streaming. This learning occurs on a designated day and time to allow for real-time interaction between faculty and students. If your course has synchronous components, you will need to be available and online during those days and times.

If there is a specific day and time assigned to the class on the timetable, the section has a synchronous component (it may not necessarily be fully synchronous, but you may be expected to be online for a lecture on that day and time). If there is no day and time assigned to the class, the section is fully asynchronous. However, almost all sections have a synchronous exam.

The following are the minimum technical requirements recommended for students to access KPU’s online learning resources.

Some programs or courses at KPU may have additional requirements.  Please refer to your Faculty, program, or course requirements for additional guidance.


A Windows 10 or MacOS X Computer (laptop or desktop) with a minimum of:

  • Webcam (built in or external)
  • Ability to connect external devices as needed including where necessary: webcam, headset, and external storage devices
  • Ability to run office software like Microsoft Office 365
  • A screen large enough and sufficient resolution to easily view videos and edit documents.

Computer Accessories

  • Webcam – if one is not already integrated into your computer
  • Headset with microphone for improved audio quality and to reduce echo while speaking during video calls, classes, and webinars – if the computer has a good microphone, earbuds may be used instead.

Internet Access

  • A minimum download speed of 5Mbps
  • Browser like Google Chrome or Firefox
  • Where possible a wired connection to a router is preferred over connecting to a router via wireless access.  If wireless is being used, working as close as possible to the wireless router can help maintain excellent signal strength.


Accessibility Resources

  • If you require Assistive Technology or Accessibility Resources, please contact Accessibility Services via email at to set up a meeting.

You will receive details in Moodle from your instructors about your course delivery format, but please know this may not be until the first day of classes. For courses with on campus requirements, your instructor will confirm for you the specific times when you will be expected to be on campus. If your Moodle course site doesn’t already contain this information, or if you still haven’t heard from your instructor after the first day of class, contact your Dean’s Office.

Note: It is essential that students monitor their KPU email.

For further details on what you need to know for Summer 2022 visit 


What is KPU New Student Orientation?

New Student Orientation is you introduction to the KPU experience. It is your chance to prepare for your studies by learning about your campus, familiarizing yourself with all of the services and resources KPU has available to you to help you succeed, and to have an opportunity to meet some of your classmates. There will also be prizes and lots of SWAG! Orientation is MUCH more than just touring the campus and getting your student ID.

Certain academic programs at KPU will have a Program Orientation or Welcome for new students in addition to New Student Orientation. In these cases you will be expected to attend both. For example, a Design student would attend New Student Orientation AND a Faculty of Design Welcome/Orientation. 

What is First Year Festival?

First Year Festival is two weeks of flexible programming and activities open to ALL first-year students registered in classes in ANY program. This is your opportunity to go beyond the basics and get a deeper look at what KPU and the KSA have to offer through drop-in activities and workshops hosted by on-campus experts. Visit for more details about the sessions and to check out the First Year Festival schedule!

Why should I attend Orientation and First Year Festival?

To succeed in your studies, you'll need to be prepared and motivated to start on the right foot. Orientation will help you get the best start to your studies. Studies at KPU have shown that students who attend Orientation are more likely to have a successful transition into university and continue their studies beyond their first two semesters. Furthermore, 96% of all the students who attended Orientation last semester would recommend attending to other new students! University is very different from high school or working life so transitioning can be challenging for some if they are not prepared.

Who should attend?

Any student who is new to KPU or new to post-secondary should attend. This includes students that are coming straight from high school, mature students, and transfer students from other institutions –Everyone!

Do I have to register for Orientation?

Yes! Please register online for Orientation. If you didn't get a chance to register and would still like to attend, please show up to your Orientation on the campus of your choice – we'd rather you show up without registering than not show up at all!

How do I register for Orientation?

Simply follow the directions and link on the Orientation website.

Do I need to prepare anything or bring anything to Orientation?

Yes, there are a few things you will need to bring/prepare:

  • Pre-order your KPU Card online. You must pre-order your Student ID online by uploading a photo minimum 1 week prior to event day!  Click here for details and to pre-order. Note that KPU Cards can be picked-up as early as 1 month before the start of the semester.
  • A picture ID and your 9 digit student number. You will need this to pick up your KPU card. The name on your photo ID must be written in English characters and must match the name you registered at KPU with.
  • Your Textbook List. If you would like to purchase your books on Orientation Day, have your booklist printed in advance to avoid line-ups. Here's how: Printing my Booklist.
  • Extra snacks. We provide a light snack for attendees, but it might help your energy level to bring a little of your own, particularly if you have dietary restrictions.
  • A water bottle. To minimize plastic waste, KPU has water stations for you to fill up your own water bottle.
  • Your Study Permit (For international students only).
  • Your questions. No question is too small! Be sure to bring a list of your classes, too, if you think you'll need help finding them.

Is attending Orientation mandatory?

For International students studying on a work Visa, Orientation is mandatory. For domestic or permanent resident students, Orientation is not mandatory; HOWEVER, it is HIGHLY ENCOURAGED that you attend. You'll receive critical information that will help you during your studies.

I am an International Student studying on a Visa – when is my Orientation?

To find out when your mandatory Orientation is, please visit the Orientation website.

I am a Domestic/Permanent Resident student – when is my New Student Orientation?

You can find Orientation dates and times on the Orientation website. If you do not see dates posted, please check back to the Orientation website regularly for updated dates, times and links to registration. To find out if your specific program or Faculty has an Orientation or Welcome for new students, please check your program's website.

I am a Mature Student (age 25+) – when is my Orientation?

You can find Mature Student Reception & Orientation dates and times on the Orientation website; however, you are also welcome to attend the general Orientation if you'd prefer. Mature Student Orientations are hosted in the evening to accommodate you and your work schedule, and are typically much shorter than the general Orientation day. If you do not see dates posted, please check back to the Orientation website regularly for updated dates, times and links to registration. To find out if your specific program or Faculty has an Orientation or Welcome for new students, please check your program's website.

I am a Trades student studying on the KPU Tech (Cloverdale) Campus – do I have to attend Orientation?

The Trades Orientation date can be found on the Orientation website. Your program may have other events or Orientations that you need to attend. Please visit their website to check if there are any events specifically for trades students:

Do I have to pay for Orientation?

Nope! Unlike some institutions, KPU Orientation is free for all new students.

Where is my New Student Orientation?

KPU offers Orientations on the Langley, Surrey, and Richmond Campuses, and you choose which campus orientation you would like to attend. Once you have registered, you will receive an email notification few days before your Orientation telling you where to sign-in on the day of Orientation.

I'm taking classes on multiple campuses – which Orientation should I attend?

You can attend any Orientation on any campus. We recommend attending the Orientation on your “home” campus at which you will spend most of your time throughout your studies, but the choice is really up to you!

I'm not available for the Orientation on my Home campus – What do I do?

Attend Orientation on a different campus! Much of the information you will learn will be similar across all three campus Orientations with the exception of the tour. You can find maps of all the campuses on the facilities website, or if you would like to book a separate tour in addition to Orientation, you can do so through the Future Students' Office.

I'm not available for the New Student Orientation – What do I do?

We recommend saving the Orientation date early by booking off your work shifts and planning vacations accordingly, as there are no alternative dates for Orientations. However, if you're still unable to attend, make sure to do some research about KPU and KSA services available to you. You can also book a tour of your home campus through the Future Students' Office. For international students, you will also need to talk to the KPU International Department to make sure you have submitted your study permit and that you are fully prepared for classes.

I registered for Orientation, but now I'm unable to attend – What do I do?

Simply let us know at  Make sure you include your first name, last name, and 

Can I bring a friend, child, parent or family member to Orientation with me?

With the exception of Support Assistants, students are encouraged to be independent and attend Orientation by themselves, as this is how you will be attending your classes at KPU as well. If you have a legitimate need to bring a guest, please contact to let us know about your situation and to RSVP your guest.

I didn't receive an invitation to Orientation – can I still attend?

Of course! If you are a new student at KPU, we highly recommend you attend Orientation and register online

I received an invitation to Orientation in the mail and/or email, but I'm not planning to attend KPU – Why am I on your mailing list?

All KPU applicants receive an invitation to Orientation, therefore you received an invitation because you had applied to KPU and received an offer letter, but ended up declining your seat. If you have concerns, please don't hesitate to email

Who can I contact if I still have more questions about Orientation?

Please don't hesitate to contact the Orientation & Transitions team by emailing We'll do our best to answer your questions or refer you to the services who can assist you.